South Florida Smash HLS

South Florida Smash HLS is a grassroots group dedicated to fighting for the liberation of animals imprisoned in laboratories. Our work targets companies that engage in vivisection, the morally and scientifically indefensible practice of experimenting on living animals. Since 2010, we’ve waged aggressive, hard-hitting protest campaigns against some of the vivisection industry’s bloodiest primate suppliers and transporters.

We recognize that ideas like animal liberation demand action, but not all actions are equal in their effectiveness. Smash HLS firmly believes in the power of a strategic, results-oriented approach—choosing goals that are both achievable and substantial in order to maximize our impact. We employ a unique and personalized model of activism: persistent protests outside animal breeding facilities, offices, airports, and even executives’ homes and country clubs.

Our victories are mounting! So far, they include stopping five airlines from transporting primates for use in experiments, shutting down Miami’s notorious Primate Products quarantine facility in 2013, dealing hefty financial blows to Worldwide Primates, and getting numerous employees and executives to quit along the way. The best part? We’re not done yet, so join the fight!