Another Protest at Amerijet HQ- One Activist Arrested

Compassionate and dedicated protesters returned once again to Amerijet International HQ at 2800 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL. City police, acting the part of corporate hirelings, were prepared. About a dozen officers, two on horseback and some undercover, stood watch for the entire demonstration. They immediately warned us that if we used megaphones we would be arrested. While these officers are intent on preventing noise ‘crime’ they are completely comfortable ignoring the disgusting moral crime of the primate trade and Amerijet’s sick involvement in the transportation of primates to their cruel and certain death. Undercover police officers were in our faces with cameras. One officer attempted to dissuade us from protesting the facility since the people who work there are “moms and dads and stuff like that.” Of course, many of the helpless monkeys whom Amerijet conspires to kill are mothers and fathers too.

One caring protester was arrested after unknowingly “trespassing” on Amerijet’s property. She was given no warning and the closest No Trespassing sign is more than 20 yards away on the property. One undercover officer handled her aggressively and held her by both arms until uniformed officers took her into custody.

The protest heated up even more when Amerijet employees ended work for the day and went to their cars. Activists attempted to explain to them the horrendous nature of the primate trade. It was suggested that each employee take a moral stand against the company’s cruel animal abuse and demand an end to the transports. Most were too ashamed to look at the pictures of abused primates. It’s not too late to make a difference. Pressure management and executives to end the depravity. Tell them to stop transporting primates for vivisection. One insensitive employee tried to hit a protester with her car when she jerked her wheel tight to the side and rode up onto the sidewalk.

Despite the police intimidation and their obvious complicity with Amerijet, the protests will continue. We stay until the primate trade goes!

5 thoughts on “Another Protest at Amerijet HQ- One Activist Arrested

  1. Can you get their emails? Can you send them the images to the people on the lower levels of the corporate ladder?
    I'm willing to bet the only people who would permit doing business with the vivisection gang are the people who are taking the majority of the money from it.
    As a human being, if my company was involved with something like that, I'd look for a new line of work, but that's tough to do in this economy. That's not an easy choice for people to make.

    Is the megaphone legal to use? If the cops show up, pay them no mind. Pretend they're invisible with regards to the law of course. Make their presence wasted. That'll pick at their egos.

    <3 Jennie

  2. It was a crazy day. The cops were out for blood and were as happy as flies on shit when they were able to arrest a teenager. Feel free to post the videos here…

  3. Bird Lady is absolutely correct….in this day, age, and economy no one is going to lose their paycheck. Of course if a compassionate person were running the company this would not occur, but obviously the person in charge spent care or doesn't know. Nor can you assume the workers know either. Just because there are protesters, doesn't mean I should believe everything they say is factual or occurring…give them information to do their own research, not just show pictures of the abuse. Send information to the lowest through the highest rank of the company, give people time to digest what role they play by transporting these animals. Do you really think an employee is going to sit and listen to a protester while on their bosses' property and risk the chance of reprimand or job loss? And let's be real…not all protesters are "gentle" when it comes to demonstrating, voicing their opinions, or showing photographs. I'm sure there was name calling and shoving photos into the faces of the workers leaving. There are fanatics in all groups…no group or organization is immune to it. And making the protesters appear as calm, gentle angels and the police as non-caring "hirelings", let's be real again. If you really want action done, and you really aren't taunting people, trespassing, and have a permit to demonstrate, some larger police depts. Have an animal cruelty unit. I would get in touch with those officers before I demonstrate to see what laws can and cannot be used against me while I demonstrate. What's done illegally, get it on film to help bolster your formal complaint or arrest…document!!! The officers at the demonstration were not from the animal cruelty unit ( those officers are usually sgts. and detectives). There are over-zealous people on both sides…don't be fooled that EVERYONE in either group were gentle or monsters.

  4. we went there again today but they closed down just for us. They were putting up their hurricane shutters. They always know when we are coming….

  5. I quit a job at the Humane Society when I found out they were putting to sleep many of the animals. This was many years ago. I can understand its a bad economy now but I have to sleep at night.

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