Controversial primate dealer flees Miami

Controversial primate dealer flees Miami

Activists claim victory as Primate Products closes Miami facility


973115_10151697348428638_95529502_n(Doral) – The workers are gone, the lab specimen boxes have been removed, and the cages that held as many as 500 monkeys are empty. Animal activists with the group Smash HLS are celebrating what has become obvious: Primate Products has closed the doors to its monkey quarantine/holding facility in Doral (7780 NW 53rd Street). For the first time in more than 25 years, the building is empty.

Primate Products, Inc. imports, breeds and sells monkeys for use in experiments to universities, the U.S. military and to pharmaceutical and contract testing companies. The company operates a monkey breeding facility in Immokalee.

“The official line may be that the company is consolidating its operations, but we know that they would not have made this change without our aggressive protest campaign,” said campaign organizer Gary Serignese. “An import company would not abandon a facility close to the international airport unless it felt it had no choice. This victory is proof that a small group of determined activists can make change. We hope that our style of activism becomes a model for others.”

Smash HLS held its first protest targeting the company in May 2010 and since then has held dozens of loud protests outside the Doral facility and employee homes. Primate Products has lost customers and employees as a result of the campaign.

“When I first learned that hundreds of monkeys were imprisoned in a warehouse in Miami, I had to get involved in the campaign,” said Miami resident and protester Ana Kowalczuk. “It’s not only that I didn’t want this place in my backyard, I didn’t want it in anyone’s backyard!”

Supporters of Smash HLS will meet soon to determine what’s next for the protest group.

A campaign timeline is available upon request.

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21 thoughts on “Controversial primate dealer flees Miami

  1. I applaud you all !!!! What a victory.
    You have it everything you had and did it .
    Amen !! Hero’s !!! You guys rock !
    All should follow your lead. Celebrate

    1. Sorry for the typo on my last comment!
      [ You gave it your all ]
      What a victory !!! Bless you all !
      REAL HERO’S !!

    1. There are all kinds of better alternatives to test drugs. Do some research on it before u say anything. There are so many drugs that have been tested on animals and been said to be safe and the been deadly to humans. If u think that they will ever come up with a cure for cancer then ur stupid cause drug companies are about making money not cures there is no money in a cure. Think about it!!! Let alone there are so many drugs that are not necessary its crazy. Most of these drugs do more harm then good. Read the side effects.

  2. Stop using innocent animals to terrible trials. to human volunteers for it. You have no right to do this.
    The animals are not put in this world for the sake of men .. one day you will be accountable for your actions. Stop it now.

    1. I totally agree with you. The human race is such a selfish race. Its all about money. That is the only thing that makes me smile is to think about all these people who do this stuff will be accountable someday. How they can go to work everyday and do this is beyond me.

  3. This is great!! I only wonder where all the monkeys went? It makes me sad that they were just moved to another concentration camp. My heart cry’s for them. I wish they could have been rescued and lived without fear and torture!!! We must stop this horrific animal abuse and close all these facilities down.

    1. Totally agree with you Jill. We must never give up the fight until these HELL HOLE are ALL out of business for good.

  4. Best News Ever! Heartbreak for all who lost their life’s due to this evil! You are opening doors to awareness! Thank You!

  5. Well done to all of you amazing activists! Awesome work, proud of you guys! We will keep fighting until vivisection is history and every damn cage is empty!!!

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