Donald Bradford Neighborhood Demo 2 Report

On July 17th, a large group of activists stood outside the gates of the Estates of Pembroke Shores. Inside that gated community lives Donald Bradford, president of Primate Products. Primate Products is a vicious company that both breeds monkeys and imports them from Asia. These innocent animal victims are then sold to be tortured and murdered in unnecessary and sadistic experiments at the hands of cowardly vivisectors.

Donald Bradford, that heartless man who oversees this particular link in the slave trade, has admitted that these primates do suffer and has told us before that he is against vivisection, but thinks that he must get blood on his hands, lest an even worse monster take his place. With one voice, We charge him with being a greedy hypocrite and a primate murderer! Bradford admits that it is wrong, yet he still does it! He admits they suffer, yet he insists on being the person to profit off of this sick enterprise… Donald Bradford, it’s your fault!

We successfully pamphleted cars passing by and exposed this monster to his neighbors. Our signs forced his neighbors to stare into the eyes of the torment he creates and they were appalled to know such a perverted exploiter lives among them.

Donald Bradford, we will never back down until you stop the killing!

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