Donald Bradford’s Golf Club Demo Report

Maintaining our pressure on Donald Bradford, a vivisection supplier & president of Primate Products, more than a dozen activists demonstrated at Pembroke Lakes Golf & Country Club, a golf club he is a member of.
For two hours we held signs and spoke to golf club members about Bradford and his unethical company. We also passed out leaflets which briefly describe what heartless Bradford does for money. The people’s outrage was strong. One member of the golf club, unable to hold back his rage, told us that Bradford “should be shot.” While understanding his anger, we want Bradford to develop a conscience and shut down Primate Products. And we promise to do all we can to bring about this end. For the animals, for life, and for freedom! We will FIGHT!
Primate Products, Inc. is a nefarious corporation that imprisons, tortures, mutilates, and murders monkeys. They supply the vile vivisection industry with both the equipment of oppression, including cages and restraints, and the primate victims of vivisection. Primate Products has shipped monkeys to HLS in New Jersey for many years.

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