First Home Demo at Kathleen Turner’s

On Sunday, July 10th, more than a dozen activists arrived at Kathleen Turner‘s home (16040 SW 280th St Homestead, FL 33031) to send her a clear message.

People with conscience are opposed to what you do for money. Your unethical job violates your sacred oath to help suffering animals. And it tarnishes your name and reputation forever- defining you as an animal killing pervert.

Crowds of her neighbors came out to hear what all the commotion was about. They learned that their neighbor pays her bills with blood money from the deaths of defenseless animals. The compassionate among them were disturbed by this information.

Until she quits her job at Primate Products, she will remain a target of legal protest for Smash HLS.

Kathleen, we’ll be seeing you again soon…

4 thoughts on “First Home Demo at Kathleen Turner’s

  1. Remove the third photo under the "First Demo" section. The man in the photo has not given you consent to present his likeness in any of your website activities. If this photo is not removed in the next 24 hours, legal action will take place.

  2. Remove the Third photo from the first demo….i am along with others in photo without consent…..this organization does not have mine and others consent to publish this photo……..this organization is being warned…..u treading a fine line on liable slander and defamation of not one but multiple people in this matter…..you have till 9:00Am Eastern standard time on July 19, 2011 to remove this photo and issue a formal apology…or i will pursue Legal Action. PS…..remember my name when u get severed by my attorney …..Mr.Dowdy

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