Is Novartis teaming up with Primate Products?

Some companies are known for having an eye for quality, others have an eye for value. Novartis, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, has an eye for controversy.

For many years Novartis contracted with the infamous Huntingdon Life Sciences. In 2009, after animal rights protests became particularly heated, Novartis’ CEO publicly declared that the pharmaceutical giant would no longer do business with HLS.

Last week, Novartis sent several employees to Florida to tour Primate Products. We think it’s a very bad idea for Novartis to consider buying monkeys from Primate Products! Do they want people to think of the horrible photos of suffering animals taken inside Primate Products every time they reach for a bottle of Maalox, a box of Excedrin, or other Novartis products?

Two of last week’s visitors were James Gannon, Director of Corporate Security for Novartis, and researcher Amber Lange.

Write to Amber Lange and tell her that Novartis should not do business with Primate Products. Ask her to share your concerns with her co-workers at Novartis.

Amber Lange
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
East Hanover, New Jersey
Phone: (862) 778-0335
Fax: (973) 781-2286
Email: amber.lange@novartis.com

—Sample Letter—

Dear Ms. Lange:

It is deplorable that Novartis is considering doing business with the notorious animal abusers at Primate Products. Donald Bradford, the monster who runs that hellhole, will commit any atrocity to make his blood money. He has been quoted by former employees as smiling while saying “good to the last drop,” after killing those monkeys who have outlived their economic usefulness and selling their tissue and bodily fluids.

His company hires people to capture primates in the wild and imprison them. He then transports them in a voyage of misery and death to a life of caged slavery, where he conditions them to endure endless boredom and misery, interspersed with moments of sheer terror, that is their pathetic existence.

These are feeling, self aware beings who feel all the emotions we do. A growing number of people are becoming aware of the horrors of primate experimentation and are mobilizing in many ways to end it. If Novartis decides to work with Primate Products, rest assured that all people of good conscience will mobilize against you and do everything we can to bring negative attention to your company and complicit employees.

Please focus your future efforts on newer, creative research methods which reject the use of our non-human cousins to advance our knowledge. There is powerful evidence that results from animal testing is not predictive of human response. Even if it were, there is no possible moral justification for experimenting on these magnificent primates who deserve to live the life nature intended for them.

The tide is turning against the barbaric institution of animal experimentation. I urge you to do the right thing and refuse any connection with Primate Products. Thank you for your consideration and we will be watching.

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