Joan Resuta needs a vacation. Maybe a cruise?

If you attended Smash HLS’ August 19th protest at the home of Primate Products’ Operations Manager John Resuta, you won’t soon forget the antics of his wife, Joan.  Joan made quite a spectacle of herself, charging around like an evil queen who just learned that she isn’t the fairest in the land. We think we saw steam coming out of her ears. The highlight was Joan trying to drag her grill to the sidewalk (fortunately, cops put a stop to that).

It is obvious that Joan is not happy that her neighbors are now aware of her husband’s dirty work. We wonder what her co-workers would think? Joan works at Norwegian Cruise Line. Send her an email and ask why her husband continues to work for Primate Products. Remind her of the animal suffering that Primate Products is responsible for.

Contact Joan Alexander Resuta at: jresuta@ncl.com, and from the below list pick a few of her co-
workers to copy the message to.

jresuta@ncl.com, accessdesk@ncl.com, agencyupdate@ncl.com, alegonzalez@ncl.com, asorice@ncl.com, astuart@ncl.com, bbajo@ncl.com, bdonohue@ncl.com, bshore@ncl.com, casinoinquiries@ncl.com, ccalero@ncl.com, cortiz@ncl.com, cpcardena@ncl.com, cruiseeventsuk@ncl.com, cveitch@ncl.com, dgoodno@ncl.com, dispatch@ncl.com, dlloyd@ncl.com, dweingart@ncl.com, escursioni@ncl.com, events@ncl.com, excursiones@ncl.com, groupeventamerica@ncl.com, groupeventepic@ncl.com, groupeventgem@ncl.com, groupeventsun@ncl.com, industryrelations@ncl.com, info-starcruises@ncl.com, info@ncl.com, intldesk@ncl.com, jkrimmel@ncl.com, kevin.sheehan@ncl.com, ksheehan@ncl.com, latclerical@ncl.com, ldedos@ncl.com, lislopez@ncl.com, llopez@ncl.com, longuestservices@ncl.com, luaukalamaku@ncl.com, lyllelopez@ncl.com, m.bhatti@ncl.com, manager@ncl.com, marketresearch@ncl.com, masanchez@ncl.com, meblanco@ncl.com, mediainquiries@ncl.com, mgouthro@ncl.com, ncl@theweddingexperience.com, ncladmin@ncl.com, newagency@ncl.com, nmgonzalez@ncl.com, passengercourtesy@ncl.com, passengercourtesydawn@ncl.com, premiumair@ncl.com, publicrelations@ncl.com, rebra@ncl.com, rehire@ncl.com, reservations@ncl.com, rhertenstein@ncl.com, rhidalgo@ncl.com, sagusti@ncl.com, sales@ncl.com, shipboardemployment@ncl.com, shipboardresumes@ncl.com, shipcoordinatorPearl@ncl.com, shipcoordinatorsun@ncl.com, socialmedia@Ncl.com, srobison@ncl.com, successatsea@ncl.com, tkarbowski@ncl.com, tmatulonis@ncl.com, ukcrt@ncl.com, uklatitudes@ncl.com, webmaster@ncl.com, yenperez@ncl.com, zcaravetta@ncl.com


Sample message:

Dear Joan,
I’m writing about your husband. How much longer is he going to work at Primate Products? Can you imagine what it is like to go to work every day and send monkeys to their deaths in research and testing labs? How does he sleep at night? Please, help your husband leave this deadly business!

5 thoughts on “Joan Resuta needs a vacation. Maybe a cruise?

  1. Why not talk to the company (lab) and ask them to find good alternatives.
    Cargo employees can’t do much abaut it, they just need to make a living.

  2. Hey Joan, how about getting your husband a job with the cruise line. then he will NOT have to kill monkeys for a living. Remember, KARMA!!!! it will come back to haunt both of you sooner or later!!

  3. How does it feel to spend blood money Joan? Truthfully, I don’t ever want to know. You and your husband have shamed your entire family. He needs to find another line of work that doesn’t cause horrific acts of torture on innocent creatures. If he chooses to continue I feel certain he will regret it and drag your entire family down with him.

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