Letter From Worker Inside Primate Products

Donald Bradford used to say the monkeys are “good to the last drop”


I just employ of PP. I commend your group for the work. Working at PP is like working in a death camp.

Many customers of PP send back monkeys for “retirement” when the real truth is that the only way the monkey stays alive is if it can generate money for them. Most often they are “juiced” (euthanized). Just a few weeks ago more than two dozen monkeys that had been returned were juiced as they were of no use. They were sent back by Harlan. Harlan is a big customer who buys monkeys and keeps monkeys a PP until they get shipped to their own buyers.

Employees have to come to work very early 5-6 in am and must work extra hours but PP won’t pay over time instead just giving them workers personal time to take off.

Many of the monkeys they kill are then cut up for organ harvest which they sell. Bradford used to say “good to the last drop” as they sell the blood also!

In the summer the place was hot for the animals and not to nice for the workers either.

Even though they claim they do everything for the monkeys it is all about money. Monkeys are treated as an object and if not perfect are killed and all parts are sold including the blood menitoned above.

Keep up the good work….Good luck.”

12 thoughts on “Letter From Worker Inside Primate Products

  1. Donald Bradford, you are scum of the earth. We will never stop exposing you, you will see us forever for the rest of your pathetic existence. Just when I thought you could not be any more demented, this information comes out. You not only profit off the murder of innocent beings, you actually seem to enjoy it. sick freak. We are not going anywhere.

  2. This is beyond moving. Ghazal, are you able to disclose any more information about the source of this? Was the letter sent to you anonymously?

  3. Primate Products is a sleazy place. Thank god someone stepped up from within that hellhole to tell the truth!

  4. Someone should invite Bradford to a "civil" meeting, to just announce the activists are not going to be visiting him at his place of business any longer. Then kill him right there.

  5. die in a deep dark hole? book of death? kill him right there? holly crap you people are fucked up in the head! you all remind me of Kevin Spacey in the movie Seven.

  6. A few of the above comments are a bit over-the-top. It's easy to sound bad-ass on the internet. How about organizing a demonstration? The animals need boots on the ground, not people sitting behind computers.

  7. @Anonymous, most of us who posted those comments about Bradford do go out and protest, and this group organizes demonstrations regularly. So we are bad-ass in real life as well.

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