Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Strike Twice in Sweden

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Note: Photo is not actually from either incident.

“As humans we do a lot of things wrong, we destroy our natural surroundings that we need to survive, put concrete structures on land that once thrived and make fertile ground into deserts. All this makes for suffering around the globe. Humans on one side of the world suffer from hunger and thirst because on the other side they use too much. Animals suffer as their land gets taken by big companies, or if they are owned by us humans. But the suffering goes on for the non human animal, in abattoirs they get their throats slit while in the vivisection labs they get poisoned and killed.

Benny Hygrell works for Astra Zeneca a company that survives on the suffering of animals. Astra Zeneca works together with Huntingdon Life Sciences a animal testing facility that kills around 500 animals a day. Benny Hygrell as a Swedish board member at Astra Zeneca pays for the slaughter of these 500 animals each day.

We decided that enough is enough and visited Benny Hygrell at Marielundsvägen 12 64735 MARIEFRED and put petrol bombs underneath his car.
as you let the animals suffer we let you suffer.

Militant Forces Against Huntingdon”



Tonight we visited Leif Gallo, senior counsel legal research & development at Astra Zeneca. We burned down his car in the hope that Astra Zeneca will finally realize that its not only for the animals best interest but also for their own.

Drop Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Militant Forces Against Huntingdon”

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