National Day of Mourning for Animals Imprisoned in Labs

Millions of animals die each year behind the closed doors of labs across the US being nothing more than a number — a statistic. We do not want them to be forgotten – their suffering and deaths need to be memorialized. And so begins the National Day of Mourning for Animals Imprisoned in Labs.

In recognition of the Day of Mourning, activists in South Florida participated in two actions against Primate Products: a vigil on May 30th outside Primate Products, Inc. quarantine facility (7780 NW 53rd Street, Miami, FL) and a Memorial Day neighborhood demonstration outside of the gated community of Donald Bradford, president of Primate Products (1279 SW 159 Terrace, Pembroke Pines, FL).

Primate Products is a nefarious corporation that imprisons, tortures, mutilates, and murders monkeys. They supply the vile vivisection industry with both the equipment of oppression, including cages and restraints, and the primate victims of vivisection. Primate Products has shipped monkeys to HLS in New Jersey for many years.

The vigil outside Primate Products was attended by about two dozen mourners. We used the time together to meditate on the perpetual destruction of life the vivisection industry shamelessly perpetrates. We also discussed, in consensus fashion, the different avenues we intend to pursue to close Primate Products down. The evening ended early when roving police units became too frequent.

The second action took place outside the gated community of the Estates of Pembroke Shores. Within 15 minutes, the Donald Bradford Neighborhood Demo was shutdown by 7 police units. They claimed our constitutionally protected assembly required them to guard his house and search for “fire bombs.” Of course, the only threat protesters posed was one of exposing him to his neighbors as a monkey killer.

The campaign against Primate Products will not stop here. It is only beginning.

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  1. Mat there come a prayer that is heard on the most high to come down Michael and clean this planet of the vile that walk straight up and on two feet. and to please ease the pain and suffering of all the abused out there,

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