On June 29th, dedicated activists targeted the Plantation, FL office of Novartis (1000 South Pine Island Road). The office sits in an inconspicuous building on private property in a corporate park. The lawn is manicured. The mood is light.Unaware, people quietly eat lunch on the benches nicely placed throughout the yard. But, there is another story here. The story of innocent animals- mutilated and murdered; the horror story of Novartis, lying animal murderers and sex discriminators. This is the story we told.

We acted quickly: made it onto Novartis’ property and loudly shamed them for the evil they bring to the world. Security, too, acted quickly. Within seconds, they were out of the building and telling us to leave. After a couple of minutes we left their property.

On the public sidewalk we demonstrated for over an hour. More than three hundred cars passed by unable to ignore the crowd of protesters and the echoing megaphone. Each heard about the vile ties Novartis has to the puppy killers at HLS. Fifty leaflets were distributed to the interested. And, of course, they all exhibited shock upon hearing of the abominable activities of Novartis and Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Two police officers came and offered us no trouble.

Novartis, we promise to return to demonstrate our disgust at you and HLS! We will be back!

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