Friday, April 20, 2012

Mr. Gary Serignese

Executive Director


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Via e-mail:

Dear Gary:

It was a pleasure speaking with you via telephone a few minutes ago. At the outset let me make it clear once again that Laparkan has over its almost three decades of operation been, and continues to be a responsible corporate citizen in the United States and in the many countries in the Caribbean, South and Central America where we maintain offices. Our track record of social responsibility is unblemished and we will not allow our image to be tarnished by unsubstantiated allegations.

Let me make it clear for your records. Laparkan has never and will not knowingly ship any primates for use in any way inconsistent with the wellbeing of these animals. In October 2011 Laparkan Airways did ship some primates to Florida for the sole purpose of being part of the zoo population. To the best of our knowledge and information none of these primates was used for any other purpose including research. Any such allegations are baseless and totally unfounded.

While we admire the work of your organization in protecting animals from cruelty and abuse, we must register our concern at the way some of your supporters, if not your organization itself, has handled this matter. The constant telephone calls to our Laparkan Airways office, the e-mail and even some veiled threats were as unnecessary as they were distasteful.  Our Laparkan Airways management was ineluctably constrained to inform local law enforcement of this harassment.

I understand that allegations about Laparkan shipping these primates for research has been posted to your web site and to your pages on social media. I hope you will give this response equal billing and exposure in those media outlets and that you would issue a renewed statement withdrawing the allegations.

Again, let me assure you that Laparkan did not and will not transport animals including primates for end use in any way that is inimical to their wellbeing.


Wesley Kirton

Corporate Manager

Marketing & External Relations

2929 NW 73rd Street

Miami, FL 33147

Tel: 305-836-4393



UPDATE: AN ADDITIONAL STATEMENT: “The important issue here, in our view, is what is done in the future and I would like to again assure you that Laparkan Airways will not transport any animals, including primates, for the purpose of research or for any other purpose inimical to their well being……..Please be reassured of Laparkan’s commitment to the cause of the prevention of cruelty to, and abuse of animals including primates.”

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