Our Statement on the Horrific Photos from inside Primate Products

We at SMASH HLS have seen the “true faces of vivisection and the global primate trade.” Thanks to the work of The Animal Liberation Investigation Unit we have peeked inside the chilling confines of Primate Products, Inc. (7780 NW 53rd Street Miami, FL). And we are horrified. The ALIU has released ten damning photographs from within Primate Products. The photos depict lifeless monkeys, many bloodied with their skulls exposed. The details are too awful to describe. No sensitive and compassionate person can look at these photographs and remain unaffected. Our hearts and tears go out to those precious monkeys who have suffered so much.

But we are not content with shedding tears. The moral crimes perpetrated inside Primate Products demand far, far more. Anger is a rational response to the urgency and horror. We promise to do all we can to shut that sadistic torture chamber down! We intend to vigorously exercise our constitutional rights. We will be the ever-present defenders of the helpless monkeys Primate Products victimizes. We will continually remind every employee of the shame they carry, the pain they are responsible for, and the blood that is on their hands.

Primate Products must shut down- now. The primate slave trade must end- now. Vivisection must cease- now.

One thought on “Our Statement on the Horrific Photos from inside Primate Products

  1. Primate Products days our now numbered.Trust me 😉
    They MUST be our #1 target-besides the fur industry.

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