December 17th, 15 activists visited HIG Capital in Paris. HIG is the company who own a controlling share in Amerijet and thus have the power to end their monkey trade, which is why we chose their office to express our anger at their involvement in the vivisection industry.

Amerijet is a cargo company that transports wild-caught monkeys from the Caribbean and South America to companies in the United States, such as Primate Products, who then sell them to laboratories across the world where they will be unwilling participants in barbaric experiments.

HIG’s role in this evil trade was exposed for all to see and whilst they refused to meet with us to discuss our concerns, many representatives of the other companies who share their building were interested and annoyed by our demonstration. Many were interested in the demonstartion, and whilst some complained the message was clear; Don’t tell us, tell HIG!

This was the launch of a new campaign in France against the airlines who transport animals to their deaths in laboratories, we will keep protesting outside HIG’s offices until Amerijet stops transporting animals to their deaths in laboratories.

New campaign website, (in French):–

Click Here for videos.

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