Primate Products Customer Update

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Primate Products, Inc. is a Miami-based corporation that imports and sells monkeys for use in research and testing. We’ve written about the company many times on this blog. Search “Primate Products” above, or visit ARFF’s website to learn more about this company’s controversial history.

In response to a public records request, ARFF has received copies of paperwork filed by Primate Products with the State of Florida detailing 52 separate shipments of monkeys between August 2011 and May 2012. 1,521 monkeys in total. Click here to download a summary of the shipments. ARFF released a similar set of records last November.

What do we learn from the records?

– Our suspicions about Primate Products’ no longer dealing in wild caught monkeys from St. Kitts or Barbados have been confirmed. Not a single African green monkey has been shipped out of Florida by Primate Products since July 2011.

– In the previous set of records (July 2010-August 2011), two companies– WIL Research and Battelle– received over 50% of all the monkeys shipped by Primate Products. The new records show that both companies have become smaller customers (making up approx. 20% of Primate Products business during the time period) and may become even smaller in the future. The most recent shipment of monkeys for WIL Research was in January; Battelle has not received monkeys from Primate Products since November 2011.

– The records reveal several new Primate Products customers, including Charles River (Charles River uses more monkeys in experiments than any other company in the U.S.), MIT, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Southern Research Institute, Avanza Laboratories and Ricerca Biosciences.

You Can Help
Ricerca Biosciences (Concord, OH) and Avanza Laboratories (Gaithersburg, MD) are the biggest new customers of Primate Products. Please contact both companies and politely urge them to reconsider doing business with Primate Products. Contact:

Ian Lennox, Chairman & CEO
Ricerca Biosciences
Phone: (888) 742-3722
Online comment form

Carlos Orantes, President & CEO
Avanza Laboratories
Phone: (240) 364-6360
Email: info@avanzalaboratories.com
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