Primate Products’ Transport Providers- Past and Present

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UPDATE: Banfield Pet Hospital has announced that the veterinarian, Dr. Paul Barras, is no longer affiliated with the veterinary practice.

There’s a story in today’s Bluffton Today (newspaper serving the Hilton Head-Beaufort, South Carolina area) about a local veterinarian who has started a company that specializes in the transportation of monkeys for use in laboratory research and testing.


Barr Scientific Transport was started in 2011 by Dr. Paul Barras, a veterinarian at the Banfield Pet Hospital in Bluffton. According to a tip received by ARFF, Barr Scientific Transport has recently transported monkeys for Florida-based lab animal suppliers Primate Products and Worldwide Primates.

The transport of monkeys for the research industry is a controversial business. It’s work that few companies will do. In recent years, under pressure from animal advocates, numerous airlines that were once carriers of monkeys for the research industry have made commitments to no longer transport monkeys destined for laboratory experimentation. The international trade in monkeys causes intolerable cruelty. Transport companies play an important role in the cruel trade in these highly intelligent and sensitive animals.

Please contact Banfield Pet Hospital’s corporate headquarters and ask if Dr. Barras represents the company’s values and principles?

Banfield Pet Hospital
Phone: (866) 894-7927
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Meanwhile, animal activists in the Tampa Bay area have started a campaign targeting another company involved in the transport of monkeys to laboratories. For many years, Unique Carriers was the company that Primate Products and Worldwide Primates relied upon to transport animals into and out of Florida. Help us determine if they are still delivering monkeys to the doors of research and testing labs.

Please contact Unique Carriers and ask if they are still involved in the transportation of monkeys for the research industry.

Paul Harvey, President
Unique Carriers, Inc.
Phone: (813) 713-6366 or (813) 653-7126
Email: uniquecarriers@verizon.net


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  1. You would think a vet would have high regard for animal life and welfare. I find this news to be quite disturbing, and thanks, ARFF, for the post. I will join with others in the fight to halt the transportation of lab animals.

  2. Each hurt that human do to all kind of life is in the planet will return 10 times to the person that made that damage, becarful with your acts…Think about it

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