Reckless driver almost kills monkeys even before they arrive at vivisection laboratory

On January 21, Cody Brooks was driving a truck pulling a trailer carrying as many as 100 monkeys on a highway in Pennsylvania when he turned in front of a dump truck, causing an accident that spilled wooden boxes holding monkeys onto the road. Three monkeys who escaped from damaged boxes were shot and killed by police. Brooks (pictured below) received a traffic citation.

Brooks, who lives in Keystone Heights, Florida, has been a driver for Quebedeaux’s Transport (Arnaudville, LA) for several years.

According to media reports, the truck may have been headed to a quarantine facility in Florida. That would not be a surprise. Quebedeaux’s Transport has transported monkeys to Florida many times in recent years.

Quebedeaux’s Transport, LLC
Jeffrey Quebedeaux, Owner
7055 Highway 93
Arnaudville, LA 70512

Cody Brooks
5830 Bryce St
Keystone Heights FL 32656

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