Security notes


To keep its secrets safe and monkey prisoners away from the liberating arms of underground activists, Primate Products depends on locks, cameras, ADT (Tyco Fire & Security), the Doral Police Department and private investigators (Larry Galvez, we spotted you at Resuta’s house).

Here’s some information that Smash HLS has uncovered about security at Primate Products (Smash HLS does not encourage illegal activity):

– New employees are given the password to the ADT alarm panel (located just inside the entryway at the Miami building, and in buildings A, D, M and HB1 at the Immokalee facility) after a six month probationary period.

– Keys to the doors and gates, and the remote control for the gate and garage, are issued to select employees. These keys are not supposed to be reproduced. The outside door locks were made by Medeco, a company that claims its keys are safe from unauthorized duplication.

– An audible alarm at Primate Products in Miami is set to sound if a break-in is detected, or if the temperature inside rises above 84 degrees Fahrenheit or below 46. If an outside door or window is opened and the alarm sounds, ADT will notify the police. But false alarms are common at Primate Products, so the Doral police don’t exactly drop everything to race over there.

– The north side and west side of the Miami building have security cameras. In Immokalee, cameras are located at buildings A, C, M and HB1. The cameras are recording 24 hours a day.

Stay safe out there!

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  1. If PP is ever attacked by Smash HLS SF, I will personally be a all night guard inside for almost no pay 7 nights a week. Heavily armed, and thanks to stand your ground, I shot first and ask questions when the person stops breathing. Stay Safe!

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