Stonerook Rallies His Pro-Vivisection Extremist Friends

Sick Michael Stonerook, a soulless man who profits from animal abuse, wrote this pro-vivisection call to action in response to our exposing his filthy life:

“My family is being harassed by animal rights groups for my employment with a company that imports primates. These groups have posted personal information including my home telephone number, address, personal pictures, grandparents’ address, and places of employment. All this in addition to a slew of harassing and threatening phone messages. They have called over 1200 times in a week on home and personal cell phone numbers. Please take a moment and visit their page to report this violation of privacy.

How to Help:

1.) Search “South Florida Smash HLS” on facebook
2.) Click report page
3.) Select reason (it’s harassing my friend)
4.) Tell everyone. Every report helps.
5.) Please write on the event wall to let me know if you participate.

Thank you so much!!”

He then goes on to suggest that his supporters call back some folks who have voiced ethical concerns over his gross involvement with the torture and murder of defenseless primates. As the days pass, we’re becoming more and more convinced we have to go directly to his doorstep in order to truly get our message across to this pervert.

3 thoughts on “Stonerook Rallies His Pro-Vivisection Extremist Friends

  1. I think you're a psychopath if you really think you should go to his house, he is just doing his job, screw your dumb baboons. You people are worse than feminatzis. Why pick on one dude? Why care about monkeys? Why not try to do something productive with your time instead of trying to save a fraction of a percent of a species that are dying to aid human scientific progress.

  2. "Anonymous" is a big-time troll. Go do something productive with your life instead of trolling this page, and maybe you won't feel the need to insult others over the internet to get fulfillment in your otherwise empty life.

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