Tell CiToxLAB to stop buying tortured monkeys from Worldwide Primates

In 2014, Worldwide Primates shipped 576 monkeys to Canada through the border crossing in Champlain, New York, according to records provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Across the border from Champlain is Laval, Quebec, home to CiToxLAB, a contract research lab. In recent years, Worldwide Primates has shipped hundreds of monkeys to the CiToxLAB facility in Laval. The USFWS is no longer releasing the identities of foreign exporters/importers, so we are not 100% certain that last year’s animals were destined for CiToxLAB, but we’re about 90% sure that most of them were.

CiToxLAB in Canada conducts inhalation studies in monkeys, among other tests, for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. CiToxLAB brags about its “unique expertise” in toxicology studies using monkeys.

Please contact CiToxLAB and ask them to reconsider future business with Matt Block and Worldwide Primates.


CiToxLAB North Americalogo
445, Armand-Frappier Blvd
Laval, Quebec, H7V 4B3
Phone: (888) 353-2240
Email: contact.northamerica@citoxlab.com, contact@citoxlab.com

Send a copy of your email to CiToxLAB North America executives: grahama@ca.citoxlab.com, authiers@ca.citoxlab.com, kubaszkyr@ca.citoxlab.com, duguayf@ca.citoxlab.com, mikaelianr@ca.citoxlab.com, moreaujp@ca.citoxlab.com

Sample letter:

I am shocked that CiToxLAB North America has purchased monkeys for use in experiments from Worldwide Primates, a company with a horrible history (including wildlife smuggling!). Does CiToxLAB care about anything other than buying monkeys at the cheapest price possible? Please stop buying monkeys from Worldwide Primates.

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