The Thoughts of Matthew Schantz, a PPI Employee

  • Matthew Schantz doesn’t seem to think very highly of his fellow perverted co-workers at Primate Products. Here is a sample of some of the ideas and opinions he expresses on his personal FB page.

“I’m the guy who kills life lessons, makes happy meals angry,My brain is wacked packed and cracked, don’t try U can’t save me, braindead from 2many smoking sessions, what u haven’t learned ur life lesson? Get away B4 U get hurt, I’ll leave your face down in the dirt, I’m the dick that broke your ass, If U think that’s gay you missed the point, just shut yer mouth and pass the joint, fire wave motion gun, blast yer ass into the sun, sick of yer 2faced bullshit son Don’t give 2shits, when they find U dead, I’m the one, #1 suspect, what’d U expect, U push your lies abd run yer game, my point of view it’s all the same, If U had a brain, U’d be dangerous, but you don’t so yer not, so shut the fuck up before I cut your tongue out, I said U talk to much, homeboy you never shut up.”

“Grappling with reality. insanity has a hold on me. Psychotic dreams I can’t explain. Evil thoughts run through my brain. I dream of death and bloody gore. Life has no meaning anymore. My sleeping worlds a living hell. I fight my mind all day as well. Can’t close my eyes afraid to sleep. If I try wicked thoughts creep.”

“God I hate my coworkers!!!!!!…… At least the monkeys are cool.”

“What the hell. Why do I have to be surrounded by idiots. if ignorance was a crime half my coworkers would receive the electric chair. Oh well at least it’s Friday!!!!! Vodka vodka vodka”

“went to a work dinner and was talking to Don the pres of the company about music.he plays guitar, were talking about writing music bitch Steph [haba nelsen??] tried to get herself in our con by asking me how my music sounded.I said somewhere between SLAYER Ramones and JohnnyCash.She said impossible.Don looked at her and said you’ve never heard him play that’s Matt’s crazy ass.She got quiet went to the bargot anotherdrink and left”

“I laughed she argued with the boss. Him and I have played together several times. But you would think by now she would know better, just goes to show you can buy a degree but you can’t buy common sense”

“tomorrow night is the monthly go out and get drunk and tell your coworkers what you really think of them gettogether at my job. the bosses don’t call it that but that is definately what it is. it’s gonna be fun because everyone already knows what i think since my mouth has no filter. I can sit back and watch everyone else duke it out. lolololol”

“every day someone I work with amazes me with their stoopidity. unfortunately everyday it is someone different. why do I have to be surrounded by dumb asses?…Why do I have to tell my boss what to do all the time. I want his 80,000dollars a yr”

“what a great day. this crazy B$@ch at work tried to get me in trouble for something she did yesterday and today I got to see her get bit by a monkey. I think she’s mad at me because I laughed my ass off when it happened, but I couldn’t help it, that sh?t was grrrreat. Ya gotta love karma.”

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