Manchester activists held a demonstration outside Europa Services (Ground Floor, West Wing, The Victoria, 152-158 Quays Loop Road, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3SP) a company part of the HIG Group. Europa tried denying any involvement in HIG and the lab animal trade, claiming they were independent despite being mentioned on HIG’s website. More demonstrations will be held at Manchester Europa, so contact NAVA to be put in touch with local campaigners.

Bristol campaigners also held noisy demonstrations against FNZ Holdings and Europa. Again, Europa tried claiming that they were independent despite being part of HIG .

As the parent company, HIG have the overall decision on whether Amerijet and Airnet Systems continue to transport animals for vivisection. As a result, any company within the HIG portfolio is a target for protest, including Europa who are clearly listed on their website. Other background research also reveals that they are still owned by HIG and have been since 2008.

Just in case Europa were in any doubt about what their parent company are involved in, we will be contacting their managers swiftly to inform them and ask that they place pressure on HIG to stop involvement in the lab animal trade.


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