WIL Research and Battelle Are Keeping Primate Products in Business

During the time period of July 2010 to August 2011, WIL Research and Battelle were responsible for purchasing 972 monkeys from Primate Products, accounting for about 54% of Primate Products total sales for that year.  Those monkeys would then be used and abused in sickening, wasteful, and morally indefensible experiments.  Their precious lives cut short at the whim of soulless vivisectors and the unethical companies that pay them.  It’s time to tell them to cut their ties with Primate Products for good!

Email block in groups of about 20:

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–Sample Letter–

To whom it may concern

I was disappointed to learn that your company has purchased monkeys for use in experiments from Primate Products, Inc., a Florida-based company with a record of shoddy animal care and reckless decisions that have led to animal suffering. There have been a number of serious incidents that suggest serious problems at Primate Products:

– In July 2009, Primate Products dumped close to 100 owl monkeys that they could not sell at a roadside zoo in Homestead, Florida. Within a week, at least 25 of the monkeys were dead!

– In 2010, disturbing photographs surfaced of monkeys inside Primate Products suffering from horrible wounds and crude surgical mutilations.

– In April 2011, Primate Products was cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for leaving monkeys who were still under anesthesia in an enclosure without supervision, and in the hot sun.

Your business with Primate Products is no secret. Poor employee morale at Primate Products has made the company leakier than an old rusty bucket!

Please, do the right thing and permanently sever your ties with Primate Products.

Thank you


12 thoughts on “WIL Research and Battelle Are Keeping Primate Products in Business

  1. the people who do these disgusting things are insane!!!!!!!!
    There must come an end to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sofort AUFHÖREN,das ist Tierquälerei,völlig unnötig Tiere für irgendwelche Produkte oder Sonstiges zu quälen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Schämt euch habt ihr kein HERZ!!!!!!!
    [Translation: STOP, this is animal cruelty, entirely unnecessary to torture animals for any products or anything else!!!!!! Shame on you, you have no HEART!!!]

  3. Human disease is a tragedy; vivisection is an affront to common decency and innocence. Humans should be trying to tame their savage ways, not export them onto the other living beings who are unlucky enough to share this planet with us.

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