Worldwide Primates linked to new monkey farm

There’s a new monkey holding and breeding facility coming to Florida. You may have seen an article about it in a local newspaper or one of Jane Velez-Mitchell’s reports on HLN. What you may not know is that PreLabs, the company building the new facility, and Worldwide Primates are or were business partners.

In September 2011, the two companies signed a joint venture agreement which they boasted would “create a comprehensive NHP [non-human primate] acquisition, management and distribution offering.” These business agreements are often temporary; the joint venture may have come to an end. Help us find out!

Contact PreLabs and ask if Worldwide Primates is still a close business partner. You may also want to include a couple sentences to make sure PreLabs is aware of Worldwide Primates’ horrible history.

Boris Predovich, President & CEO
Email: boris.predovich@PreLabs.com, info@PreLabs.com
Phone: (312) 909-0553

–Sample letter–

“Dear Boris:
Is the joint venture agreement between PreLabs and Worldwide Primates still in effect? I am surprised that you chose to associate your company with another that has such a horrible history (wildlife smuggling, serious Animal Welfare Act violations… just to name a couple of Worldwide Primates problems). I expect that you have realized your mistake and the business relationship has ended. Let me know!”


2 thoughts on “Worldwide Primates linked to new monkey farm

  1. This is legal notice that the information contained in your recent post is false, misleading and defamatory.

    Worldwide Primates has never been affiliated with the new Prelabs facility under construction in Hendry County. Worldwide terminated their agreement with Prelabs in mid 2012, more than 2 years ago.

    As to your claim regarding USDA animal welfare violations, I suggest you review the many recent and near perfect inspection reports.

    Failure to correct your inaccurate posting may result in legal action for the false information contained within.

    Worldwide Primates, Inc.

  2. Thank you, Worldwide Primates, for clarifying that the joint venture agreement ended less than a year after it was signed. Can you help clear up one more thing about your relationship with PreLabs?

    According to USDA inspection reports, PreLabs has conducted regulated activities at five sites, including Worldwide Primates in Miami (site 4) and Oxford, New Jersey (site 5).

    Is PreLabs still doing business out of Worldwide Primates locations?

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