Yvonne Sanandres: Your partner kills monkeys!


If you’ve been following the Shut Down Worldwide Primates campaign since its beginning, the name Yvonne Sanandres might ring a bell. In 2013, Smash HLS took the fight for animal liberation to Yvonne’s doorstep after learning of her affair with Worldwide’s founder, Matt Block. Matt and his wife (the company’s president) filed for divorce just weeks later, and tensions have been high ever since. Yikes!

For a while there it seemed like Matt and Yvonne were on the outs, but not anymore. The two have been spotted multiple times, and Yvonne was even seen bringing Matt a heart-shaped balloon on Valentine’s Day—ironic considering the tens of thousands of primate hearts no longer beating because of him.

Supporting animal abusers in any way—financially or emotionally—is unacceptable. As long as Yvonne is connected to Matt, she can expect to hear from people who oppose the death machine that is Worldwide Primates.

Contact Yvonne and kindly remind her of the blood on Matt’s hands!

(305) 450-5399
(954) 812-6043
(954) 463-2406

2 thoughts on “Yvonne Sanandres: Your partner kills monkeys!

  1. Kyle and Gary….

    Why don’t u come by my house again? This time knock on the door…i would love to chat. Smile next time you leave propaganda….cameras hate frowning faces. Also, get your facts straight…u r soooo misinformed and u clowns are a joke. The next time you GPS my car make sure one is not on yours. Amateurs at their best.
    I’d watch my backs if I were u.

    1. Yvonne you might want to check with Stephen Sykes, your wannabe baby daddy’s go to “PI”, before you disclose that a GPS was placed on someone’s vehicle. Please say more. Stephen should know that it’s highly illegal to do that unless you own the vehicle. Especially for a private investigator. It was banned in 2015 in Florida but if one of you think it’s OK to place a tracker on someone’s car do what you need to do. Just remember boo boo, cameras are everywhere. So when Matt hides in the back seat of your car he just looks pathetic.

      How are the fertility treatments going? Matt can’t hit a home run there either. I would love for either one of you or Stephen to place a GPS one on anyone’s vehicle. Sure you want to go to jail? Tread carefully and don’t break the law babe.

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