12 months of Primate Products customers exposed

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Primate Products, Inc. is a Miami-based corporation that imports and sells monkeys for use in research and testing. Primate Products is infamous for shocking photographs of injured animals that appeared in 2010. Visit ARFF’s website to learn more about this company’s controversial history.

When animal dealers like Primate Products ship nonhuman primates, they are required to file a certificate of veterinary inspection with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. The “Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for Interstate Movement” must be completed and signed by a veterinarian licensed in Florida who certifies that the animal(s) is sufficiently healthy for shipment.

Recently, in response to a public records request, ARFF received copies of certificates detailing 74 separate shipments by Primate Products between July 2010 and August 2011, totalling 1,818 monkeys. Click here to download a summary of the shipments.

The records reveal that 40% of the monkeys that Primate Products shipped out of Florida during the 12 month period were for one company– WIL Research, a contract research laboratory in Ashland, Ohio.

Another large customer was Battelle, a research organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, that made up 10% of Primate Products business during the time period.

One more interesting fact. All the certificates of veterinary inspection were signed by Primate Products’ staff veterinarian, Kathleen Turner, with one exception. In July 2010, a group of 96 monkeys headed to Bristol-Myers Squibb* in Pennington, New Jersey was examined and approved for shipment by Dr. Robert Schachner. Dr. Schachner operates a veterinary clinic and boarding facility in Hollywood, Florida.

You Can Help

Urge WIL Research to reconsider doing business with Primate Products.


David Spaight, CEO
WIL Research
Phone: (419) 289-8700
E-mail: info@wilresearch.com
Online comment form.


Contact Dr. Schachner and ask him not to work with Primate Products in the future. Let him know that you would not take your companion animal to a veterinarian who helps to send monkeys to their deaths in laboratories.

Robert D. Schachner
Animal Medical Center and Bird Clinic of Hollywood
521 N Federal Hwy.
Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone: (954) 920-2400
E-mail: animalmedicalcnt@gmail.com

*The pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb reported using 1,403 primates in research and testing during FY2010, including 10 primates who were involved in experiments during which the animals experienced “more than momentary or slight pain or distress” and during which pain relieving drugs were not given to the suffering animals because it could affect the results of the test. In addition, BMS reported that during FY2010, 27 cynomolgus monkeys were housed individually “because they had surgical implants that could be damaged through interactions with cage mates.”

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