John Resuta: A Glimpse Into the Life of an Animal Killer

“John Peter Resuta” (born October 26, 1959 in New Jersey) married “Joan Valerie Alexander” (born May 3, 1955 in Jamaica) on December 8, 2007 in Miami. John Resuta is Operations Manager at Primate Products. We have tried hard for a year and a half to reach him. But his heart remains clouded as he silences whatever conscience he may have and continues to pursue the vile “rewards” of primate torture and murder. We offer here some photos of his life.



31 thoughts on “John Resuta: A Glimpse Into the Life of an Animal Killer

  1. Every single person in these pictures are really just as guilty as he is. Assuming of course they know his employmen, stature and status. (doubtful of course) Disappointing to say the lease, heart breaking really; because she’s WAY to hot for him and it’s got me thinking that maybe dirty ‘monkey’ business is hard to leave because it makes so much cashola for these superficial fucktards!

    Arg. ARGGGG!

      1. More than you obviously, since she writes like an adult while you write like a child who is throwing a tantrum.

        1. Tantrum…..really. U should focus on medicinal purpose. If u have children, hope they do not ever need any treatment medically because ALL medical procedures and medications come from some type of research..it’s just the way it is…If your child was ill with an illness that was not treatable…and recent research developed a cure with an animal of some type..Would u deny treatment to ur child???

          1. Yes, all medical treatments do come from research…but not animal research. I can’t answer that because I don’t have children, I don’t know what I would do. But you cannot say that testing on animals is accurate and effective, because that is a lie. Animals are different than humans, medicines that have been effective on animals have killed people. They should test on human volunteers instead.

          2. “ALL medical procedures and medications come from some type of research..it’s just the way it is…”What a sill y statement is that. Did you really inform and educate yourself in these fields Kimberly ? Or do you just spread out what you’ve been taught to believe was the truth ? If you were more informed, you would know that more than half of modern diseases come from chemicals, including lots of medicines we’re swallowing. Alternative methods exist and Labs should be forced to use them. The thing is : as long as they are not forced to use these alternative methods they will use animals as they are cheaper “products”‘. This is insane.

  2. If I was his wife, I would be careful. If he abuses animals it could be a matter of time that he could abuse her. Just saying

    1. Anonymous user…= a coward!!!! Really… don’t post if u can
      ‘t stand up for what u believe. My brother is an animal lover.. get a grip. Research is needed for mankind to sustain itself!!!

      1. An animal lover?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a f-in joke! Someone who imprisons primates to sell them to companies that will also imprison and torture them CANNOT be an animal lover! You are so stupid!

        1. I hope u do not ever need medical treatment…May someone of a higher power have mercy on you. I hope for your sake …ur gunna need it. I also hope u eat only veggies. At these comments…we wouldn’t want to kill a cow for a steak…..have u ever seen a cow or chicken slaughtered….?? it’s rough…but a steak tastes great!!!!!

          1. I don’t eat meat, because unlike you I have compassion. I don’t put my taste buds over the LIFE of somebody else.

          2. Tell your mate John Resuta to watch his back. I’m sure he’s got plenty of hits out on him

      2. Ok now your just being stupid… An animal lover seriously? Since when to Animal lovers abuse and torture animals for the money? Don’t believe everything you are told. Have a nice day.

  3. The sick, distorted, insane mind of the animal abuser. No conscience at all. What the hell does Resuta(scum bag) tell people when they ask what he does for a living ? All these people have to know.

    1. Miss Cindy…and I’m being nice. Animal abuser….do u walk with John Resuta on a day to day basis??? Do u have a medical degree ?? Can u understand the importance of medical advances in order to support human existance? Do u understand allergies,blood thinners,medical testing in hospital laboratories ????? I dont think so…..

    2. Kimberly, why are you the one defending your brother?
      This is not your place to say ONE word. Your brother needs to stop hiding behind you and face the music. He’s the one doing this obviously with no problem, why can’t he speak for himself?
      Is he really THAT big of a coward?

    1. Not worth living on this planet??? Seriously..u r a joke! U better take a medical course n get back to me….

      1. Kim, none of these people know John. I do. He is a great guy and may you all be blessed. Don’t reply to this nonsense.

        1. Okay. You and Kimberly need to stop defending him. Please stop replying to all our comments. Maybe I don’t know him. But by even knowing his title it makes me sick. Torturing and imprisoning animals for “vaccines” for humans does not make a good man.

  4. Kimberly Resuta do your research!!!animal testing is not effective there is 50 other alternative methods instead of killing and torture animals for no reason!!!other methods are more effective,rapids and cost less too!!!as Alex said above those medicines that effective on the animals wasn’t effective on humans!!Don’t get it twisted its not about saving humans life its all about money!!using live animals for testing is unnecessary this days as many company don’t do it anymore,so yes your brother is a murderer!!!copy and read this link and learn about the facts and other methods!!

  5. ps I don’t eat meat either!!!!:)and please stop offend the world by calling your brother an animal lover!!!Screw yourselves ,how can u sleep at night ,unbelievable..

  6. I’ve been to the protests at John’s house. I’m against animal testing. I’m against animal cruelty. It’s just that stalking these people and harassing them deep down doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. We are all human, even animals have emotions. So why torture these people? Couldn’t we rally for peace than protest the negative? I understand you’re angry. I am too. But maybe we can educate without becoming over zealous activists. Why play the role and buy into the stereotype, when you can mold it and define it. I think instead of looking for donations for legal fees that puts us one step back, we need to use that money to print out pamphlets, book guest lectures at school. We need to stop using scare tactics. Mother Theresa said she would never attend a protest from the many she was invited to, but be it a rally for peace she would gladly attend. What you resist will persist. I would never donate to get anyone out of jail. Even though the arrest is wrong and we do need to still together, that money could’ve been towards helping the animals. This movement can continue the way it is but you better believe it’ll never grow if we continue to stand outside a man’s home on his birthday yelling at him to kill himself with his family inside. How does this look to the outside world? And you can’t say you don’t care how we look. There are a potential millions of people in this world ready to join us, if we can go forth and proceed in a peaceful intelligent way. Anyone can have passion, but how many can truly say they live with the utmost compassion for all living things? If you want to succeed you’ll get more bees with honey. And than we can truly impact this world. I became a vegetarian after my first protest but only because was educated, and not through scare tactics. Right now we are an annoying mosquito buzzing in John’s eat. Don’t we want to be the school of sharks that gets him out of the water?

  7. John Resulta, maybe not a good guy, probably not a terrible guy. 100% doesn’t deserve this treatment specifically because of what he does for a living. You guys are crazy. But you don’t know that, because you’re crazy.

  8. You hating a human being without knowing a shred of who he is and what he stands for, makes you the sick people. Give the man a break, you DON’T know what goes on there. All you have are baseless facts mounted on a false pretense. And all research is started on animals. Animals can’t sue so therefore before releasing a product EVERYTHING is tested on an animal. Don’t be naïve. But that is not the point, push your hate aside and realize your love for animals doesn’t consitute hate for another living person. Take a look in the mirror, all of you. No one at primate product are KILLERS be real with yourself. Do you realize how many inspections and documentations occur? Oh yes, you all have no viable source of information just hate with a blurry cause. And leave these people alone and especially their loved ones. People need to work and make money. Life happens. Deal with it and stop being so nasty to all these people. Push love for everything and everyone. Be hurtful will not bring change. Wake up.

  9. He’s a bastard. His sister is a bastard. His friend, boyfriend.. whatever.. Erick is a bastard. All a bunch of bastards. Weeee!!!

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