6:30 am Wake Up Call Protest at Primate Products

The employees at Primate Products deserve no rest until they end their involvement in the torture and murder of defenseless animals. With that in mind, nearly two dozen dedicated activists gathered outside PPI at 6:30 am to give the filthy workers a most unwelcome greeting. The smell of death and despair exuded from the dirty facility, corrupting the area, was nearly unbearable. But we concentrated our minds and focused our thoughts on the suffering animals inside. At sunrise, the animal abusers began to arrive.

At first sight, they seem to be just like any other person. But, they are really soulless monsters with no compassion; heartless fiends who get off on dominating and torturing innocent animals. These perverts are, without a doubt, dangerous.

For the next hour, we chanted and expressed our justice-minded message for all to hear. “Close Down Primate Products” echoed throughout the industrial park. With megaphones at full blast and our hearts filled with compassion and anger, the area shook with our resolve. We are determined to do everything we can to put an end to Bradford’s vile company. We will never give up this fight. For, the lives of so many precious animals are at stake.

The protest was attended by at least 9 police officers. And, once again, Kathleen Turner DVM was nowhere to be seen. We might have to go back to her house soon to make sure she hears what we have to say.

Close Down Primate Products


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