Save the Primate Products’ Monkeys- Day of Relaxation

On August 9th, a dozen and a half activists participated in the Day of Relaxation outside Primate Products (7780 NW 53rd Street Miami, FL 33166). We gathered with our lawn chairs and umbrellas in anticipation of a restful day of bearing witness to the vile goings-on of the company. But that’s not exactly what we got. Before most of us arrived, a degenerate employee grabbed an activist’s camera and threw it to the ground. In response to this reprehensible and criminal attack, the activist kicked the employee. If these deranged employees are willing to attack humans without any provocation, we can only imagine what these sick and twisted people do to helpless monkeys behind closed doors.

One thing that’s clear: these filthy employees hate to hear the message of truth and compassion that we carry. These poisonous people shamefully scurry to their cars as fast as they can as we attempt to tell them exactly what we think of them. They deserve to live in the dark shadows of society, dark shadows that reflect the emptiness of their conscience and the hollowness of their hearts. Interestingly, one of these infamous abusers was absent. Kathleen Turner, where were you? We know you, especially you, need to hear our justice-minded proclamations.

We’ll be seeing you all again soon, either at the office or at home. But always again.

The event was also attended by a total of 12 police officers (at great waste to tax-payers), who came and went throughout the event.

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