ABX Air: flying monkeys to their deaths

ABXThe number of airlines willing to transport primates for the research industry has shrunk to just a few (Air France, China Southern). Recently, however, a cargo airline called ABX Air joined this despicable group by transporting thousands of monkeys from China to the United States for use in experimentation. The animals were delivered to Charles River Laboratories. We need your help to convince ABX Air not to accept future shipments.

Liz Reyes is ABX Air’s representative in Miami. Contact:

Liz Reyes
Email: liz.reyes@airborneglobal.com
Phone: (937) 725-3250

Send a copy of your email to ABX Air’s corporate office by email (communications@abxair.com), or by using their online comment form: http://www.abxair.com/contact/index.cfm

Sample letter:

Dear Ms. Reyes,

I recently learned that ABX Air has transported monkeys destined for laboratories. The international trade in monkeys inflicts terror and suffering on monkeys, and dooms intelligent, sensitive animals to a cruel death in a lab. Please, speak out against ABX Air’s involvement in this dirty business.

5 thoughts on “ABX Air: flying monkeys to their deaths

  1. Please stop the transport of monkeys used in groosom experiments , let’s make a step towards a future without animal exploitation !!!

  2. I wish those executives from DHL and ABX the same faith for their children. This is appalling. Shame on this greedy capitalist system. ABX and DHL, you will burn in hell for an eternal damnation for shipping those monkeys to medical labs. I hope that you do realize that one of these days your conscience will bite you.

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