Activists Return to Donald Bradford’s Pembroke Pines Home

On June 24th, a crowd of protesters forty strong converged at the entrance of Donald Bradford’s gated community. Donald is the president of Primate Products, a sick company that imports and breed monkeys for use and abuse in painful and useless experiments. As Donald sees it, the roughly 1,500 animals enslaved at Primate Products are nothing more than objects to be converted into money, their bodies “good to the last drop.” And to his delight, Don profits from the wholesale slaughter of these monkeys without the hassle of having to witness their pain or hear their cries. It is crucial therefore that we carry those cries to Donald’s ears and speak out in defense of his victims.

Because the gate of the community was wide open and there was no sign that forbade entering the premises, we walked right in. With justice on our minds and the compassion we feel in our hearts for Don’s suffering victims, we marched directly to his house. We chanted loudly outside his blood money home until the police made us leave.

Throughout the neighborhood, residents expressed their strong support for what we do.  They told us to go ahead and “shame him.” Another said she had already heard of Donald Bradford and the evil life he lives. She said she hates him. Still another said they would continue to report him to the homeowners association so as to have him removed.

We handed out nearly 200 fliers to interested passersby. The leaflets included Donald’s name, address, and a description of his moral crimes

We serve as that sick man’s missing conscience. We promise to keep coming back. Bradford’s evil must be continually exposed and confronted.

As a side note: we later found out that Bradford warned the security guard at the gate that we would be coming and he directed him not to let us in. No such luck, huh, Donald.



4 thoughts on “Activists Return to Donald Bradford’s Pembroke Pines Home

  1. Having the support of Donald’s neighbors was the icing on the (vegan) cake. What a wonderful day! Donald, next time why don’t you be a man and show your face?

    1. True Megan, having the support of the neighbors is great. I wonder, did any join in the protest?

      I love that they are working hard to have him removed from their community. Is that because he is a monster or because they don’t won’t this kind of ‘activity’ going on in their backyard?
      I hope not the latter.

      Thank you to all that could be there.

      There is no place to hide when the truth is revealed!

  2. Thanks to all those that will not sit silent while brutality goes on. Thanks to all those who support those that are willing to do what needs to be done.

    God Bless all those that do good and for the rest rot in hell.

  3. bradford shouldn’t just be shamed. he should be removed from civilized society and treated for the abusive criminal he is.

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