How to harvest a non-human primate fetus according to Primate Products

In addition to buying and selling live monkeys, Primate Products has a profitable side business in “bioproducts”: blood, tissue and organs. Primate Products sells “renewable” bioproducts, such as blood and blood products (serum, plasma), bone marrow, breast milk, spinal fluid and urine. (Primate Products refers to monkeys used to fill standing orders for blood as “bleeders.”) Monkeys are also regularly killed to fill an order for organs like liver, kidneys, spleen, salivary glands, or tissue (skin, fat, muscle, etc.).

Primate Products has prepared a series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), step-by-step instructions for employees on how to perform routine activities. The SOP for “Blood & Bio-Product Collection” explains how an unfortunate monkey is to be anesthetized and then a needle inserted into the femoral artery to begin draining the animal’s blood. Once the animal has bled out, death is confirmed by the absence of a heartbeat and then the collection begins. The tissues/fluids are flash frozen and vacuum sealed and the “products” are ready to be picked up by FedEx.

Female monkeys at Primate Products are often used like incubators, forced to breed and the bodies of their babies harvested for bioproducts. The following instructions are from the SOP for collecting fetal stem cells and other products from baby monkeys delivered by caesarian section: The mother is sedated, intubated, shaved, and an incision is made exposing the uterus. Another incision frees up the fetus. The amniotic sac is punctured and the fetus removed and passed to an assistant. “…the technician collects as much blood as possible from the fetus via the intracardiac route using a syringe and needle.” Only then is the baby monkey killed by an injection of Sodium Pentobarbital into the heart. The SOP continues, “The assistant can then proceed to harvest the organs in the necropsy room.” The mother monkey is given a painkiller for two days following the surgery, and she is tattooed with the initials “CX” (caesarian).

Smash HLS has been told by former employees that Primate Products President Don Bradford is fond of describing the company’s victims as “good to the last drop.” Join us for a protest at Bradford’s house in Pembroke Pines on Sunday, June 24.

12 thoughts on “How to harvest a non-human primate fetus according to Primate Products

    1. I agree Amy. What sick and disgusting people who do this type of work. How they can sleep at night is beyond me. I hope karma comes sooner then later.

  1. I’m going to vomit. How do they sleep at night. This is what
    Kimbo, John Resutta’s inbred sister defends. What an embarrassment.

  2. Please make it an extra special visit for bradford, scum that he is. I am in L.A. but with you in spirit.
    Thank you guys. I love you all.

  3. These monsters make me physically ill. I want to stick a needle full of Sodium Penobarbitol in their heart. Bastards, how DO they sleep at night? Seriously?

  4. This seems like something out of a twisted sci-fi horror movie, yet it is happening in real life. Those poor baby monkeys and mothers treated as property. I can’t even imagine the despair they feel. What vile heartless scumbags can do such a thing! We will not stop protesting them until they stop the senseless cruelty!

  5. Idividuals in these positions like O’Leary and Bradford, 2 of many are of narcarsisstic personalities
    They would be excited by the horror and dominance they cause
    I’m sure they would be excited by the hate directed towards them…
    A game and they are beating their chests in their self importance and obvious backing by the powers to be
    And I’m sure they never lose a wink of sleep
    They have no compassion it is the nature of the narcarsist

    : (

  6. O’Leary and Bradford are sociopaths and narcissists of the highest order.
    That is why they can so easily do what they do.
    But they are being exposed more and more. The momentum
    of this exposure has increased rapidly.
    Who knows then, what fate awaits them…?
    I doubt it will be glorious.
    They may be in for an unwelcome surprise.

  7. Less than one quarter of 1% of all animals used are primates that are used for necessary research for the benefit of primates and humans. Most used are rats and mice. So relax folks, I’m sure you all have reaped the benefits of the research every day of your lives. I love animals as much as anyone. Many of them are a wonderful benefit and comfort to man. Some are even quite tasty and a wonderful source of protein, companionship and clothing.

    1. Hello “Medium Rare”. I’m sure you have satisfied some base need to see your pitiful sentiments actually printed on the internet somewhere. Good for you! You’ve fulfilled your dream. Now… go f-ck yourself, you insensitive sack of crap. It is so much easier for you and those like you to rationalize your barbarity than to aspire to become a compassionate being… pitiful! The small part of me that still resembles you hopes you are injured in a hunting accident. The pain may sensitize you a bit.

  8. These are LIVES — which our species continues to destroy. One of the worst offenders, PRIMATE PRODUCTS in Florida, is filling the air with the STENCH of DEATH. Join South Florida Smash HLS, and help us to close down this vile business.

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