Beckman Coulter, Puppy Killers, Again Protested in Florida; Surprise Nalco Protest Too

Last month, we made it clear to Beckman Coulter that as long as they keep doing business with the puppy killers at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), they haven’t heard the last of us. The animals so ruthlessly violated inside HLS continue to suffer and die, and all the while Beckman Coulter remains responsible for their deaths. We had no choice but to return with megaphones blaring and shame the company again for its bloody ways.

Yesterday, a dozen activists united at the main entrance of Beckman Coulter’s office complex in Miami. Much like last time, we were greeted by a hodgepodge of the company’s security guards and creepy, white-van-driving personnel. Also present was Mike Deluca, whom the company flew in to film us speaking out against their shameful dealings with animal abusers. They must have spent a fortune on security, presumably to deter us from talking with employees on the property. No matter—the resonating sound of our just message could be heard all throughout the complex. For the many employees funneling in and out of work, there was no avoiding the verbal reminders and haunting images of animals killed inside HLS.

Beckman Coulter, we won’t stop holding you accountable for the senseless murders you help commit until you drop HLS for good.


Next, we decided to pay a well-deserved visit to Nalco, a longstanding HLS customer. Nalco is a chemical company that has recently been exposed for contracting experiments with silicon dioxide on animals at HLS.

In opposition to their disgraceful complicity in the torture of 500 animals each day, we approached the door of Nalco’s Miami suite hoping to instill in them a reverence for the individuals tortured under their name. When Nalco staff failed to answer our knocks, we outed their base practices to their neighbors who were all rightfully horrified by the blood on Nalco’s hands. Graphic flyers aplenty were left in every crevice of the premises to remind everyone of Nalco’s shameful link to puppy killers.

Nalco, cut your ties with HLS or expect to hear more from those with a conscience.

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