Harlan, another Primate Products’ customer, Protested in CA

Posted by Shut Down HLS LA

On May 29th activists hit the streets to protest Harlan Labs, a customer of Primate Products.

The demonstration got kicked off around 2:30pm at Harlans distribution center in Placentia, CA. The brave activists confronted Harlan wielding megaphones and signs with pictures of mutilated animals. Upon arrival activists pressed the bell and knocked on the front door of the building. Funny though, no one answered the door. Activists can only assume that Harlan already knew why the activists were there, maybe it had something to do with the monkey mask one activist was wearing. The demonstrators proceeded to  shout through megaphones, to inform Harlan that they are on the radar of the global animal liberation movement, and will not get any rest until they end their business relationship with Primate Products.

After about 15 minutes, 6 cop cars come onto the scene. They told the activists that if the owners of the property asked us to leave the property we would be required by law to move to the public sidewalk. The employees never showed their faces and the protesters never moved to the side walk.

The protest continued for about 45 minutes before the activists decided to call it a day. They left reminding Harlan that as long as they continue to deal with Primate Products, they can expect may more visits from protesters.


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