Change is in the air- Donald Bradford no longer president of Primate Products

picThere’s a new president at Primate Products.

In October, Donald Bradford will turn 68. For a long time Bradford and CEO Paul Houghton (Paul turns 63 next month) have been searching for someone to take executive-level responsiblity at the company and allow one or both of them to retire. It appears that they’ve found that person. Thomas J. Rowell has replaced Bradford as President. Send him an email at thomasjrowell@primateproducts.com and welcome him as a major target of the campaign! Read our previous post about Rowell here. For the time being, Bradford will remain at the company in the newly created position of Chief Information Officer.

pic2In other news, we say goodbye to two longtime Primate Products employees. Mary Muhlhauser, Office Assistant, worked at Primate Products since at least 2003. Marketing & Sales Director Todd Sylvester, a valuable employee since at least 1999, has also quit (we heard that Todd was treated horribly by the company as his mother was dying earlier this year). There are few, if any, employees remaining at Primate Products who have been around as long as Todd.

It’s often said that a company is only as strong as its employees. Every time an experienced employee leaves, Primate Products is weakened. Knowledge about the industry and relationships with customers can’t easily be passed on to a new employee.

We expect more tired, fed-up workers to leave Primate Products soon.

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