Researchers and lab animal techs meet to discuss animal rights

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Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories, a day to remember the millions of animals who suffer and die in labs in Florida and around the world.

One way to evaluate the impact of campaigns against animal experiments is to look at the reaction of campaign targets. Earlier this month, the following message was posted on a laboratory animal listserv by Matt Block (matt.block@wwprimates.com). Block runs Worldwide Primates, a Miami company that imports and sells monkeys for use in research and testing. He was sent to federal prison in the 1990s after being convicted of smuggling endangered wildlife. We’ve written about Matt Block previously on this blog (here).

“An additional meeting is being planned in the South Florida area to discuss current and upcoming matters relating to animal rights groups and local activism. Anyone interested in additional information and for information on attending, please contact me directly off list. I would encourage all of you from the South Florida area to make time to attend this important meeting. It is critical to the safety and security of your research, staff, and facilities.

If you are unable to attend, perhaps forward to your Security staff or local law enforcement for their consideration.

Matt Block
Worldwide Primates, Inc.
Ph 305/378-9585

Website: wwprimates.com

Suppliers of Cynomolgus/Rhesus/Caribbean Greens/Marmosets/Squirrel

The meetings to discuss animal rights activism in South Florida (an initial meeting was held in February) can be seen as an encouraging sign that anti-vivisection activists, such as South Florida Smash HLS, are making an impact!

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