Day 3- Week of Action Against Primate Products

Surprise!! Dedicated activists arrived earlier than scheduled at Primate Products for Day 3 of the Week of Action. Intense outreach ensued. We tried hard to touch the consciences of these animal killing perverts, all to no avail. These moral monsters still have a long reeducation process to endure. Here’s two videos of the demo:

UPDATE: In the first video above, we meet 23-year old Maury Martinez who lives here at 6043 SW 127th Court, Miami, Florida 33183; an unidentified source reports: “Mom is Ruth A Martinez, brother is Eric Martinez, A username he uses is Maury1926, lives in a 3 bedroom /2 bath house 4,050 SQ FT. Telephone: (305) 383-2417.”


3 thoughts on “Day 3- Week of Action Against Primate Products

  1. Fuck yes! Everyone did spectacularly. There was so much righteous anger there today. Just incredible…

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