Employee exodus from Primate Products continues

In early 2011, Primate Products announced two additions to their management team: Michael Stonerook and David Moddrelle. In a press release, the company gushed, “PPI is confident that our newest team members will prove to be invaluable as we continue to expand our capabilities to better serve our clients….” Today, it’s clear that the management reorganization was a failure. Stonerook jumped ship in mid-2012 and now we’re pleased to report that David Moddrelle has also left the company!

Moddrelle was Primate Products’ Director of BioResources and Surgical Services. Moddrelle came to Primate Products with a long history of cutting up animals for research organizations. Primate Products was counting on that experience to help them expand their business by offering “pre-implanted” monkeys (animals implanted with telemetry monitoring devices). Moddrelle also oversaw Primate Products’ “bioproducts” division.

Skilled and experienced employees are making a rush for the exits. The future does not look good for Primate Products.

6 thoughts on “Employee exodus from Primate Products continues

  1. May those that “flee” – never return – and may there be no “replacements” for them. If so, I doubt they will remain for long.

  2. May all the ignorant become enlightened and leave all facilities and institutions that contribute to the unnecessary torture and murder of innocent animals all over the globe

  3. You all stated that “Moddrelle came to Primate Products with a long history of cutting up animals for research organizations.” and that he now has quit Primate Products. But who is to say that he didn’t just move onto another job in the same field? Or are we not tracking that?

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