Eugene, Don’t Be Mean

Eugene Redmond has spent decades– as a Yale University professor, and as director of The St. Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation– using primates in cruel* and sometimes bizarre experiments. To supplement his income, he sells wild-caught monkeys from the island of St. Kitts to laboratories around the world.

Rumor is, Dr. Redmond is currently trying to arrange a shipment of monkeys to the U.S. As you know, activists have made this a difficult job! Please write to Dr. Redmond and urge him to abandon his plans to export monkeys:

D. Eugene Redmond Jr., MD
Professor, Yale University School of Medicine
Director, The St. Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation
Phone: (203) 785-4432
E-mails: eugene.redmond@yale.edu, g_redmond@skbrf.org

— sample letter —

Dr. Redmond,
The primate trade is a dying business. Airlines don’t want the
controversy, and you don’t need the headache. There’s a rumor that
you are trying to arrange a flight of monkeys from St. Kitts to the
U.S. Please, abandon these plans!


*For example, Redmond collaborated with researchers from Yale
University and UCLA (including infamous vivisector David Jentsch)
on a study that took place at The St. Kitts Biomedical Research
Foundation in which young, wild-caught monkeys suffered twice daily
injections of PCP for two weeks, and then the monkeys were killed and
their brains examined. The study was supposed to reveal something
about schizophrenia in humans.

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