Contact UR and ask the university to sever its ties with Primate Products.

University of Rochester vivisector caught illegally starving monkeys.


Jeff Wyatt, Director
Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine
University of Rochester
Phone: (585) 275-2651
E-mails: jeff_wyatt@urmc.rochester.edu, animal_resource@urmc.rochester.edu

— sample letter–

Dear Dr. Wyatt,

I was shocked to read in the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper about the serious neglect of monkeys at the University of Rochester, including cases of intentional starving of monkeys!

The University of Rochester has acknowledged that it purchased monkeys from Primate Products in 2010.

The university’s recent history of animal neglect, and Primate Products’ long history of poor animal care, are a horrible combination.

Please, permanently sever your ties with Primate Products.

One thought on “Contact UR and ask the university to sever its ties with Primate Products.

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