Fleeing a sinking ship- VP Michael Stonerook Quits Primate Products

stonerookquitIn 2011, Michael Stonerook became Primate Products’ new Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (we’ve written about him before). Apparently, things didn’t work out. Recently, he updated his LinkedIn profile and listed Primate Products as a previous employer. Today, whoever answered the phone at Primate Products confirmed that Stonerook is no longer an employee. At least he gave it a year before calling it quits!

Stonerook was the first member of Primate Products’ management team to jump ship, but he joins a growing list of former Primate Products employees: Renate Lemke left in January, Operations Manager Kathryn Litton left in June 2011, Christine Stobinski left in March 2011, Rachelle Ford also left in 2011, etc.

Who will be next?!


3 thoughts on “Fleeing a sinking ship- VP Michael Stonerook Quits Primate Products

  1. Awesome! I hope he makes a career change into Animal Rights or something similar. Michael Stonerook, I hope you left for the right reasons … but at least you left.

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