Michael James Stonerook: This is your life!

**All information posted has been acquired through public sources.**

UPDATE: Reach him on his cell-phone at 1-239-248-8899

Recently, Primate Products hired two new executives– Michael Stonerook, who is now Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and David Moddrelle (we’ll introduce him in a future post).

Michael and Sharon Stonerook live at 7263 Golden Place in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. Their November 2003 marriage was the second for both of them, and they both brought children to their new marriage. Sharon works at an OhioHealth outpatient clinic.

48-year-old Michael has been cutting up and poisoning dogs, monkeys and other animals at biotech companies like Battelle (a Primate Products customer) for over 15 years. Michael is currently staying at his in-laws condo in Estero, Florida (3710 Stone Way, Unit 1604), perhaps until he figures out whether the new job is going to work out.

Michael sure seems like a fun guy. At least he knows how to mug for the camera. Working with the monkey killers at Primate Products will ruin that positive attitude. Can you help us convince Michael that a permanent move to Florida would be a mistake? Leave a message for him at his home in Ohio: 1-614-659-0231

— sample message —

“Hi Michael,
I’m calling from Florida to urge you to reconsider your employment at Primate Products.

It’s a mess of a company. Seeing the suffering of monkeys every day would wreck the spirits of all but the most heartless of people.”


75 thoughts on “Michael James Stonerook: This is your life!

  1. That's how it is, even some rapists and serial killers don't look the part. I am not fooled by that smile! He is an evil, sadistic animal torturer!

  2. Here we go again… who are you people, that can be so dedicated to slandering and harassing those who share differing views. It's ironic that in promoting the ethical treatment of animals you are all too willing to advertise the unethical treatment of human beings by doing such things as publicly posting personal information for the sole purpose of degrading and harassing those individuals. The entire effort put forth by your group is for not. Your phone calls won't change anything. The results will only be measured by the number of harassment and slander lawsuits. Congratulations! You've changed nothing

    1. There’s nothing unethical about our treatment of these so called “humans”. They (you) have no rights to treat animals with such disregards, after all you are not dealing with unfeeling objects, they feel every bit as much as you or I do. With so many options being there to do research, it is unexcusable that they keep using animals in an obvious sadistic way, for the sake of harming animals.

    2. Let me ask you a question anonymous and I want you to really give this some thought. How would you like it if you were a monkey being tortured?

  3. To the person who commented above me, Why do you think Michael should be treated in a way he refused to treat the defenseless dogs, cats, pigs, and primates he helped torture? Why should he be treated with respect when he's a vile perverted animal abuser? He doesn't deserve respect nor does anyone who encourages him or supports him. I have a feeling you're writing from Ohio and have an intimacy with this monster few could stomach. He tortures animals for money at Primate Products. Tell him to quit his new job. Simple.

  4. Someone above wrote, "Your phone calls won't change anything." If that's the case, the solution is to up the stakes. What's next, guys? Going to their home, condo, work, university? Whatever it is, I'm in!

  5. Everytime you harrass a person, no matter what you think they have done, you are hurting them just as you think they are hurting other animals. There has got to be a more effective ways of getting a point across than to toture fellow humans. To really get across the point of a message, any message, you cannot do it in a way that is cruel, people will only respond in defense, not see your point of view.

    1. The thing here is that when you say ‘no matter what you think they have done’ what we think they have done is torture animals which is something that animal activist don’t do as you say. We don’t torture people, that’s so far from reality.

  6. Vivisectors and their supporters are so self-absorbed. They are torturing thinking feeling loving beings. Why in the hell do they think they shouldn't be bothered by people for doing that? They're lucky to only have people calling if you ask me.

    1. Is more creepy to think that somebody can do horrendous things to a helpless, defenseless animal without seeing the wrong of it.

  7. So you people are fussing over his family's information being posted? Where I come from, that ain't nothing. If the guy really abuses monkeys and dogs or whatever, I don't see why he shouldn't get a few angry phone calls. I'm not saying I get the whole animal rights thing, but this is the USofA and people have the right to express themselves.

  8. harassing the families of executives will do nothing to stop animal testing. although your mission to protect animals is noble, confronting executives at companies accused of cruelty is not going to save any animal. extremists like you give animal activists a bad name, you should be ashamed of yourselves. find something better to do with you time.
    go ahead, try to legitimize your actions if it helps you sleep at night, you know i'm right.

    1. You should be ashamed of yourselves thinking that is okay to harm helpless animals. And you justify it as you say, so you can sleep at night. Why don’t you yourself find something better, altruistic to do with your time that doesn’t involve hurting a fellow sentient being.

  9. Amazing. Is this Brooke trying to turn the shame around? Pop helps torture animals at Primate Products for a living. THAT is shameful! Any family member who defends him should submit to a moral self-examination. Why don't these precious animals mean anything to you? Because it pays for college? A car? Who's the really shameful one?

  10. I would like to commend the person above in their comment of these people giving legitimate activists a bad name. Their facts above are not even correct. And, if they want to harass the family, who is not even living in the same state. stressing the children living in the home with "early wake up calls" perhaps that person should be reported for child abuse. get your facts straight before making unfounded accusations. Work within the law and legislature to correct the loop holes and do some real good. Don't fake it and hurt those that are not even directly involved.

  11. I don't think anyone at Smash HLS gives a damn about a "bad name" and other such nonsense. Michael Stonerook is VP at Primate Products. PP sells monkeys to labs to be cruelly experimented on. It's that simple. He shouldn't expect to glide through life without a care in the world. What I want to know is why his family hasn't done anything to stop him and instead they accept the blood money. I would also like to know which facts are wrong. Commenter above, will you actually tell us all which they are or are you trying a rhetorical trick?

  12. I would just like to say that I love animals, and I hate the torture of animals, but there is no way that harassment of this man and his family is in any way the "right thing to do." I know the Stonerooks personally, and I know that Mr. Stonerook has not, "been cutting up and poisoning dogs, monkeys and other animals…" for a living.

    If people really want to make animal testing illegal, then talk to your state representative or senator. Or sign a bloody petition. Make real change, don't harass people for no reason.

  13. I am deeply disturbed to read the comparisons that people are trying to make between the suffering that lab animals are forced to endure and some guy getting some annoying phone calls…

    The tactics used are barely rival to those of an aggressive condo committee or HOA, telling someone to cut their lawn or face eviction.
    Meanwhile, at this very moment animals are sitting in laboratory cages waiting for workers to arrive to preform OPEN BRAIN SURGERY upon them. They are waiting to have their arms and legs tied down so that harmful chemicals can more easily be pumped into their veins – so that their offspring can be ripped out from under them to be killed or face the fate of their parents.

    All we're asking is that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE make some PHONE CALLS, write some letters – just make yourself heard – say you object. We ARE writing letters and we are contacting our representatives – but in the mean time we cannot stay quiet out of fear that our phone calls and letters might "bother" our cruel opposition.

    It is shameful and disgusting to compare a PHONE CALL to a thousand lifetimes of torture and mutilation.

  14. It's so sad to think that many semi-sedated animals heard this man's voice moments before they died. I cannot stop the tears. When will this evil end? Michael, please don't work at Primate Products. Please.

  15. If a few phone calls are bothering them, imagine protesting at his in-laws condo. Michael and his supporters are sadistic perverts! They need to have their heads examined. They will no longer have a comfortable life, not until he quits his job!

  16. All of you go hug a tree or something. If you love dogs and cats so much, marry it and get on with life. Also, if you love animals so much, sell all of your personal belongings and donate all of the proceeds to places that help animals. You don't need to go to college, get a car, and have a nice life. What he is doing is between him and God, who are you to decide what is best. Get a life you insane psychopaths.

    1. him and God? I am surprise that you can even think of God when what you people do is so violent and inmoral, when you take animals from their natural environment to be taken to be tortured for life sometimes.

  17. I'll bet that most religious people who believe in justice would deem your logic faulty and entirely inappropriate. How can you suggest that we should make no effort to combat injustice in the world? Your thinking leads to nothing but inaction. As Burke put it, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

    If the victims of Michael's job at Primate Products were human, would you still consider his actions "between him and God"?

  18. You're posting a man's personal information for thousands to see and endangering his entire family. PETA is full of idiots and I will NEVER support them. I'm all for the ethical treatment of animals, but PETA goes about in all the wrong ways. What you're doing is harassment, and it needs to STOP now.

    Honestly, people will just do anything PETA says without looking it up on their own. LEAVE THIS MAN AND HIS FAMILY ALONE. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE CALLING HIS HOME. If you want to protest, protest with the company.

  19. Let's consider that last post… if there were no animals to test on, we'd have to test on the likes of you, your family, and other humans. Why? Because usually the only reason that testing is done is because of the GOVERNMENT – the companies (many of them) do their best to do as little testing as possible, however the GOVERNMENT mandates these tests be done. Please place your anger where it belongs, those that cause the testing to be done, not those that have to do it because of them. While I love animals very much, and truly don't like to even see them in shelters, I understand that they must do these jobs. It is unfortunate, but I would prefer an animal or someone on death row have tests done on them than a family member.

  20. Yes, I would. I would also consider them between him and the government because that is probably illegal to work on live humans since we have different rights than animals. We will all be judged based on our actions in the end. Do you think that harassing people to get your view across is righteous? If so, then I pity your soul.

  21. And making someone miserable until they change their life based on how YOU think they should live it is childish to say the least. How about you grow up.

  22. your completely right, I also think I found your website bro http://godhatesfags.com/ and I've found something else for you to look at http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2917.11 its one thing to go after the husband, but the kids too. Im pretty sure the person that comments below me will make some smirk statement about how animals deserve rights and how I'm ignorant in their views Ect…. But your right to an extent. You do have your rights. You do have your beliefs, but to a large residing body of Americans you are viewed like westboro. If you have that much of a problem to the man, call him. Don't go around him and go after his family. This isn't high school. Are you going to dress up as some greasers and beat him up before lunch?

  23. I think a legal home demo in Estero is in order. To all of Michael's supporters (ie: family and friends), notice the keyword is LEGAL, meaning none of the tactics being used by Smash HLS are breaking any laws. These same tactics have convinced Amerijet International (and multiple other airline companies) to stop shipping primates altogether. They are used because they are affective, and most importantly, they are protected under the First Amendment.


  25. How is destroying a home that you don't own legal? Are you an idiot? You ARE in fact breaking laws by invading their personal information and privacy and can be brought to court if you are found. How many of you all use glue? You know that comes from killing horses? How many of you want to cure cancer? You know they deliberately give cancer to rats to test on in order to save human lives? Also, the first amendment says PEACEFULLY assemble, not destroy a home. You have the freedom of speech, but you can not go around and invade their private lives. You should google "invasion of privacy laws" and you will see that this whole website is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Have fun in jail.

  26. This comment is for all the friends and family members of animal killer Michael James Stonerook. Your pleas fall on deaf ears. No information will be removed, until Michael finds a new job. He ignores the pain and screams of animals, but we will not ignore him. Quit your job primate killer.

  27. You seem to forget that this website is hosted by google and will soon be taken down by them once they realize that private information was stored on here. So yes, this information will be removed. Also, I don't think he will ever quit his job just because a few monkey loving hippies think they are making a difference. Who says he is the one that is actually "killing" these animals? Have you seen him, literally, slice up a monkey? Or destroy a dog? I wouldnt think so since one of his pictures that is illegally on this page is with him AND a dog. Why would an animal hater have a pet? Riddle me that?

  28. You people need to calm the fuck down. Harassing Stonerook isn't going to help your cause at all. He needs a job like anyone to support his family. Do you think he cares more about his family or the monkeys? Call him heartless if you want but all you are doing is giving the other side more fuel. I guarantee all the harassment you give to his family, he will in turn give it all back to the animals, but worse. Animal rights sounds good in theory but is not practical. Think you can stop all killing of animals? Humans live off of animals, and to think you can change the will of other people for your own beliefs is ignorant and stupid. Go fight for something more productive like fighting world hunger or gay rights or something actually worthwhile.

  29. Welcome to South Florida animal killer. Quit your job and then maybe you'll have some peace after some long soul searching.

    If not, you won't have any peace, nor will your family or your friends. Even old school friends. Guaranteed.

  30. Calling and harassing the company is one thing. But calling and harassing this guy's parents, his wife, and his children on their personal cell phones (people who are in no way involved in what he does) is DESPICABLE! Why are there numbers even here? People who are calling those numbers – go get a life that doesn't involve ruining innocent peoples.
    I know you're upset about the primates but to take it out on his family as collateral damage is the type of monstrous behavior that started this mess. You want to blame someone and take out your hatred on someone deserving – be my guest – but don't drag his parents, wife, and kids into the mix. They shouldn't have to re-work their entire lives to avoid your ignorant calls blaming them for something they didn't do and had absolutely no say in.
    And as for this site posting people's personal information? Teaching people a lesson is one thing. But you're ruining a lot of innocent people's lives because of your hatred for ONE Company and ONE person – why you felt the need to post the phone numbers of every member of his family and stake them guilty by association is beyond me. That's the kind of blind-sighted hatred that starts fires, not puts them out. Your cause is fine – great even and I'm behind you all the way. But you're attacking people in ignorance who have nothing to do with this. Get your facts straight and take those peoples' personal information off your blog please.
    The company is at fault, not the individuals who, in this wreck of an economy, are just trying to support their families. You need to work to clear this problem up peacefully. By resorting to these methods, you only prove you aren't mature enough to handle this issue in a way you can look back on and respect.

  31. This is a moral argument which means neither side has the hide ground. To claim that your minority opinion is the only correct one and that it justifies violence to make it heard…. sounds a lot like al-Qeada….interestingly I am sure the plane hijackers felt just as justified as they flew into the buildings.

  32. I have a feeling the last comment came from Michael himself. Stonerook, why don't you introduce yourself? (On the side, the notion that moral arguments have no high ground is clearly absurd- unless you're willing to defend domestic violence and other cruel acts along with animal abuse.)

  33. I think Michael was introduced well enough in the information was was given without his consent in the outlandish article. And the major difference, which you all seem to just ignore, is that humans have DIFFERENT RIGHTS than animals. This is what separates the man from the beast so to speak. Invasion of privacy is a crime and harassment is also a crime. Domestic violence and "other cruel acts" would also go under crimes. Why don't you all introduce yourselves and put your phone number and address on this site so we can talk to you? Oh, thats right, you are all too scared and hide behind a keyboard thinking you are fighting for something that will never, EVER change.

  34. I used to be completely for PETA, and all those other animal rights groups…before they targeted actual PEOPLE. You know your belief, "animals are people, too"? Try "people are animals, too". If we can treat no man, woman, or child, with civil dignity and respect, how can we expect anything for the animals? Maybe the extremeists who have commented before me, calling Michael Stonerook's smile "sadistical" and "evil" should turn around and take a look in the mirror. No, I am not family, and have never been called by any of the stalkers and harrassers who call themselves "ethical", but I could imagine! And it makes me want to hunt each and every one of you hateful hypocrites down, and harrass you day in and day out for something you have little or no control over! Sure, hurting monkeys is wrong. Boohoo. Without this research, we could quite possibly have our own children dead at our feet, because we had no other choice but to give them up in order to test a new medicine! Or perhaps we should test on our elders? They'll die sooner anyway, right? Maybe you'd like to volunteer yourselves as a test subject! Or, of course, we could just let the whole human race die from uncurable disease. — For all of you cruel and thoughtless human beings who have threatened in earlier comments to harrass this family, where the members are more humane than any of you will ever be, please leave your own home phone number and address here. I will kindly give you a walk for a million miles in these peoples' shoes.

  35. Dear Anonymous who posted…
    "If the victims of Michael's job at Primate Products were human, would you still consider his actions "between him and God"? "

    If the victims of Michael's job were human, would you even care? Or just look the other way, then punch some puppy mill owner in the face?

  36. Yup, a guy who likes cream cheese bagels, dogs, and Christmas certainly seems like an evil, evil man…
    I can only pray for Mr. Moddrelle and his family–that this abuse will stop before his personal information is displayed for all of these stalkers to see…

  37. Mike and Sharon: click on the "Report Abuse" link at the top of the page if you already have not and report this to Google and your local authorities.

  38. Ok? So what if they came from the same IP address? Do you even know anything about IP addresses? Some get used over and over again and they could have come from a university from anywhere, in which case, all of the students have the same exact IP address. Are you now threatening all of the people that comment on here that dont agree with what is put on this site? Since, this is in fact, a public web page and we are protected under the first amendment! Just like you nut jobs. Your logic on IP addresses is invalid and just shows you are scared that this site will be shut down, which it will.

  39. Say bye-bye…. Google's about to remove this blog. You (the people who created this blog) are nothing but domestic terrorists. You involve and punish people (including children) that in no way shape or form, have any control over this. If you don't like the research that's being done, work to change the laws instead of terrorizing people that are not involved. Idiots.

  40. I agree, go after the lawmakers, not the people who are working to make a living unlike the people that create these sites. Sorry you're about to lose your blog monkey spanker lovers! Ha!

  41. Why do you care so much about poo eating monkeys, they're no endangered. I need to know if the shampoo I'm buying is going to burn if it gets in my eyes. I'm certainly not going to test it on myself, so get a monkey in a lab and squirt his eyes full of some suave for men. Kill the monkeys.

  42. I knew Michael personally and he is a sick man. He has no concern for the animals he helps torture. When I first met him years ago, I wasn't aware of who he really was. It did not take long for me to find out. I hope he one day develops a conscience.

  43. Dear freetheanimals, I commend you for your courageous pursuit of justice, even at the expense of innocent bystanders. Hey, whats a little collateral damage when you have a fanatical agenda to promote to bring awareness to your cause. Al Qaeda would be proud of you.

    Just to show my support for your just and noble cause, I'm going to build a Gay Porn Animal Lovers website, automatically populate it with thousands of pages of Gay Men, showing affection to the animals they love. I'm going to help draw attention to your cause by posting a very large and prominent link, on every page of gay men animal lovers porn, to anything and everything that has to do with Smash HLS. That way, everyone searching for your website will be aware that they should be making love and not war. Just in case something happens to the original gay porn animal lovers website, I'll mirror it to servers in Europe (where the site cant be touched), so there's a real-time back-up. It's just a bonus those mirror sites are an effective way to double the coverage of gay porn animal lovers pages linking back to Smash HLS. What do you think about this for a website name: Smash-HLS-GayPornAnimalLovers.com. By the time the search engines index those thousands of pages and pictures of gay animal loving porn, linking back to Smash HLS, any search for "Smash HLS" will certainly pull back hundreds of results with pictures of gay men showing love and affection to their animals – with every page and picture mentioning the cause Smash HLS stands for. As I track down the names and addresses of Smash HLS members (and I WILL find them), I'll be sure to add those names to the prominent links on every page of the Gay Porn Animal Lovers website. Why would you possibly object to that? Your proud of your cause right? Anyone searching for Smash HLS will certainly learn the true meaning of despicable and disgusting. I don't think you have the courage to approve this comment.

  44. First you hate monkeys, now Michael's supporters hate gay humans as well?? That's just messed up. You're defending one person by mocking and degrading an entire group of people based on sexual orientation?
    Wow. Some people just cant keep their homophobia to themselves…

  45. Not supporting what he does, against what you are doing. Hiding behind a computer screen and a telephone line, messing with people you don't even know. I would bet money the person who said they know him is full of crap. You guys are a bunch of pussy hippie nerds. He could quit today and tomorrow someone will be hired in his same position. Until animal testing is made illegal it will continue to happen no matter what you do. On the other hand, what you are doing is illegal and I hope you get jail time for being royal dicks. Kill the monkeys. Come at me bro.

  46. I noticed that you didn't approve my comment where I pointed out you were celebrating the release of HIV infected animals that were going to die a horrible and painful death due to HIV related illnesses, as well as infecting healthy animals with the HIV virus (so they can also die of HIV related illnesses). Was there a little too much truth in that one for you?

  47. "Not supporting what he does, against what you are doing…Kill the monkeys. Come at me bro." Make up your mind…bro.

    We are against infecting monkeys with HIV in the first place…then there would really be no problem.

    Never enough truth, I'm sure you'll find some one day.

  48. I don't care about stupid monkeys. They are an animal. We don't need the fraction of a percent that are killed in a lab by scientists who are trying to cure HIV/AIDS to save millions of lives all around the world. Want truth? You are an absolute moron, never enough bullets to shoot idiots like you. Hmm… look at that, I've lowered myself to your standard by anonymously threatening you over the internet.

  49. Humans are animals too. Therefore, according to your views, commenter above me, its only fair that we test cures to diseases on humans too, right? We don't need the fraction of a percent of humans who would be killed to cure HIV/AIDS to save millions of lives around the world. There's never enough bullets to shoot speciesist morons like you. And OH LOOK, I have lowered myself to YOUR standard by anonymously threatening you over the internet.

  50. Wow. You guys don’t know that he has this job because he loves hurting animals. He might have this job so he can make a living. While it may be wrong to hurt animals, he isn’t the only one in the world who does. There are much worse people. You are putting him and his entire family in danger, just because you don’t agree with his choices. The people who made this blog are domestic terrorists that can possibly be hurting innocent KIDS who happen to be connected to Michael. Try to fix the law instead of attacking one human being. Just getting him to stop won’t change the world. Use your brain.

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