Monarch Air Says It Will Stop Shipping Monkeys

By Lisa Rab, New Times

Animals rights activists are claiming victory after a local private airline, Monarch Air Group, agreed to stop shipping primates for research.

Monarch, which runs private passenger and cargo flights from its base in Fort Lauderdale, sent a letter to the animal rights group South Florida SMASH HLS yesterday announcing its decision.

“Per a recent shareholder meeting, Monarch Air Group has decided to seize [sic] the transportation of primates,” said the letter signed by company President David Gitman.

“It’s just not in the company’s interest to be doing that anymore,” said a man who answered the phone at Monarch this morning. He declined to give his name.

Activists want airlines to stop shipping animals so that local research companies such as Primate Products will not be able to import monkeys.

Amerijet, another Fort Lauderdale-based cargo shipping company, made a similar announcement in February, ending its primate shipments. Activists had targeted the company with letters, emails, phone calls, and protests outside the homes of Amerijet executives.

Monarch’s decision came soon after activists began bombarding the company with similar tactics — emails, faxes, and phone calls about shipping primates.

“Smash HLS congratulates Monarch Air Group on its compassionate decision to stop the cruel monkey flights,” the group wrote on its blog. “We are so greatly pleased!!”

4 thoughts on “Monarch Air Says It Will Stop Shipping Monkeys

  1. You are a bunch of bullies!!!! You use terrorist tactics to force people to do what you want. I saw the threats you made to the airline that you conveniently erased off your bullshit blog after they acquiesced. You are bigger scumbags than the people who are working with the animals. At least they are honest about what they do. If you bitches had real jobs you wouldn't have time to harass these hard working people. Fuck you all. Maybe they should experiment on you, you fucking losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous above must be an animal abuser. Everyone knows the vivisectors are the real terrorists.

  3. I agree, they are hardworking, it takes a lot of hard work to kill innocent animals. Just like hitmen are hardworking, they go and kill people, and get money for it. So would you agree that we shouldn't harass hitmen as well?

  4. Personally, I take great pride in bullying bullies and victimising those who make victims of those who are unable to defend themselves…but I think you'll find that all the tactics employed during the campaigns against Amerijet, IBC and Monarch were all completely lawful and legitimate so I don't see the problem.

    Monarch had every right to continue transporting primates, but as one of their employees said "It's just not in the company's interest to be doing that anymore" so get over it!

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