VICTORY! Monarch Air Group Ceases Transporting Primates

At 1:51pm, Monarch Air Group issued a statement that they have decided to cease transporting primates. It reads: “Please be advised that as per a recent share holder meeting Monarch Air Group has decided to seize [sic] the transportation of primates.”

Smash HLS congratulates Monarch Air Group on its compassionate decision to stop the cruel monkey flights. We are so greatly pleased!!

3 thoughts on “VICTORY! Monarch Air Group Ceases Transporting Primates

  1. I'm in a state of ecstasy. Congrats to Monarch Airlines for their compassion, and "Never doubt that a SMALL GROUP of thoughtful, COMMITTED PEOPLE can change the world. Indeed, iti is the only thing that ever has."
    (Margaret Mead)

    Betsy Graber, Aventura, FL

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