Animal rights activists in London paid a visit to HIG Capital Europe, who hold Amerijet as one of their key subsidiary companies in their portfolio.

Amerijet fly thousands of primates for vivisection each year and are a major player. They work on behalf of recently exposed Primate Products Inc and Worldwide Primates, whose owner served a prison sentence for his role in a primate smuggling ring.

Upon arrival at the shared offices, it was clear we were not expected. Doors were held open and megaphones were used to chant slogans, which could be heard throughout the hallways of the company. Staff from other businesses came down to see what was happening, only to return knowing about the sick monkey killing company in their midst.

As airlines across the world refuse to be involved in the transport of animals for laboratory experiments, it is only a matter of time before HIG Capital / Amerijet follow suite. This protest was held as part of the solidarity week for SHAC prisoners.

We will be returning with more protests at HIG Amerijet until they stop being involved in the systematic abuse of animals inside laboratories.



  1. So… what do you want the rest of us to do about it? Tired of getting spam email from you… Just because these companies have relationships with others, doesn't mean that I should have to get your spam email every hour in my mail box. I have no idea who amerijet or hig even are. quit sending spam email to companies that they have forcibly taken over.

  2. Had you approached this in another manner that was more respectful of humans, we may have taken a different stand… but at this point, i am interested in what monkey tastes like. I am betting it tastes similar to spotted owl or bald eagle… I think I am going to go find me some primate to eat… how do you prepare it? Can money be won gambling on monkey knife fights? How can I get involved in some of that. I have a few buck to put down on a trained knife fighting monkey!!! This is freaking awesome… looking for ways to spam freetheanimals.

  3. "The companies below are also members of the HIG Group, and in order to
    stop Amerijet and influence HIG we need to win over their support."….

    By mass spamming us, over and over again? …good plan… you guys might want to take a new approach. Have you considered a conference call with the executives? Or possibly a nice letter? What if you were to come out and meet us personally? Don't you think you would have been better respected at that point?

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