Oct. 9 & 10: Anti-Vivisection Weekend in Florida

Originally posted on NIO.

Saturday, October 9 · 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Demo Against Primate Torture at Gators Football Game, University of Florida

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
off W. University Avenue & Stadium Drive
Gainesville, Florida 32608

Monkey Mutilator Mingzhou Ding

Organized by NIO Florida:

The University of Florida in Gainesville receives millions of dollars from taxpayers annually to imprison and torture thousands of animals.

UF also enjoys revenue from tens of thousands of fans such as those that will congregate at the Gators game on October 9.

And we’ll be there to introduce the football fans to Monkey Mutilator Mingzhou Ding.

Mutilator Ding receives $259,000+ annually in taxpayer money to saw off the skullcaps of monkeys, confine them in primate chairs, shove metal rods into their heads, and bolt them to devices that prevent any movement so he can torture them in ease and comfort. He attaches electrodes to their brains, subjects them to cruel and inhumane light deprivation, lavishes them with auditory sadism…

and we’ve only just begun. Much, much more about Mutilator Ding to follow in the coming weeks.

Please join us as our campaign to expose the UF Mutilation Team and their Torture $cience commences.

To RSVP, click HERE.


Sunday, October 10 · 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Donald Bradford Neighborhood Demo

The Gates of the Estates of Pembroke Shores
SE corner of Dykes Road and SW 6th Street
Pembroke Pines, FL

Organized by Smash HLS

This protest will be at the entrance of the gated neighborhood of Donald Bradford, president of Primate Products. We will be putting direct pressure on the president of this horrible prison camp to close it down while informing his neighbors of the monster among them.

Primate Products, Inc. is a nefarious corporation that imprisons, tortures, mutilates, and murders monkeys. They supply the vile vivisection industry with both the equipment of oppression, including cages and restraints, and the primate victims of vivisection. Primate Products has shipped monkeys to HLS in New Jersey for many years.

This is a slave trade and it MUST be stopped. We need your help to stop it.

For more details on the campaign to shut down Primate Products, go HERE.

To RSVP, click HERE.

6 thoughts on “Oct. 9 & 10: Anti-Vivisection Weekend in Florida

  1. OMG. Will be thinking about you all. I'm in London, but I'm in your corner. And remembering all tortured animals across this world, especially on Monday 4 October – World Day of Prayer for Animals/Feast of St Francis of Assisi – will be lighting a candle to remember the living creatures in pain, and in memory of the creatures who died as only escape of suffering. Simone, London,UK

  2. I will be in Norway…my participation will unfortunately be only virtual, but whole-hearted. We'll win this battle!!

  3. OMG, I Can't believe what I just read, I had know idea. I truly wish I could be there with and for you's, but my thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless everyone.

  4. You guys are awesome! I'm in Mass but I'll be with you in sprit. (for what that's worth.) I'll try to get a group together to hold protest signs that day. It's the best I can come up with for now. GO NIO/FL AND SMASH HSL!

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