Activists in London marked the global day of action, Operation Amerijet, with a mobile demonstration against those involved with the company.

First of all we headed for HIG Europe, who own two animal transporting airlines – Amerijet and Airnet Systems. Upon arrival, the office was quickly locked down and staff peered out of the windows in interest. Other local companies took information and a lot of support was received. HIG were iinformed over the megaphone that we will not give in.

Next of all we headed for the UKHQ of World Courier. This disgusting company have lied about being involved in vivisection, yet placed an advert in the Lab Animal Buyer’s Guide 2011 as global animal transporters. Not only this, leaked documents show that they are the customs clearance agents for Amerijet’s primate flights into Miami – doh!

On arrival we gained access to the building and headed upstairs to ask the MD why they lied, however security staff caught on and frantically tried to kick us out. Important guests were in the lobby, so out came the megaphones and they could not ignore posters pressed against the windows. Activists headed round the back of the offices, where staff could be seen hurrying to hide documents left near the windows. After a short while more protesting round the front, we moved on.

Last call of the day was the European HQ of the Sumitomo Corporation, who transport primates for the Japanese vivisection industry. A door had been left open, so it was straight inside. After security guards ran around and pushed everybody outside, the building was brought into lockdown. Chants echoed around the area and staff turned away from their lunch breaks as they’d left their security cards inside.

Across the globe, caring activists are standing up and fighting as part of the anti-vivisection movement. It is only a matter of time before we succeed.

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