On Monday the 31st of January, 15 to 20 activists paid a visit to HIG Capital’s French headquarters in Paris (44 Avenue George V, Paris 75008). HIG own 66% of Amerijet, an airfreight company which transports wild-caught primates for sale to labs all over the world. By owning an important share of this company HIG has the power to make things move in favor of monkeys.

It was very cold and neighbors were upset because of the noise we were making, we told them to complain on the 5th floor where HIG’s offices are. A man who was working just underneath HIG’s staff told us that he had asked people from HIG what was going on, HIG’s spokesman told him that what we were saying was nonsense and that he didn’t want to talk to us because we are violent people, thanks to him we had a good laugh.

During 3 hours we chanted slogans like “HIG murderer”, “Your money, your fault”, or even “Justice for animals”. We gave out a lot of leaflets about the ineffectiveness of animal testing, and about products that aren’t tested on animals. We made speeches on the megaphones to tell them they had to stop supporting the horrific monkey trade, for the primates and for human health.

We told them we would come back, and we will until they stop once and for all!

Videos: [Video 1] [Video 2]

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