Primate Products and the ALF

Miami, FL

A truck belonging to lab animal dealer Primate Products Worldwide Primates Inc. (7780 NW 53rd St., Miami, Florida), was set on fire. In a phone call to the ALF Press Office on Aug. 26, Detective Fuhrman of the Dade County Arson Investigation team confirmed that an incendiary device had caused the fire. The Animal Liberation Front has taken responsibility. The action was in support of the 1999 Primate Freedom Tour. ALF

Redwood City, CA

Arson at office of Primate Products, a breeder of primates and dealer of primate research devices for laboratories. Flammable material was deposited in mail slot and ignited. Media claims arson attempt failed, however above-ground activists visiting site later report extensive damage. Primate Products reportedly relocated after this action. ALF

Miami, FL

Activists claim responsibility for campaign of economic sabotage against vivisection breeder and supplier Primate Products. Frequent flier account accessed and miles redirected to charity organizations, among other actions.

Source: Animal Liberation Front: Complete U.S. Diary of Actions: The First 30 Years

Disclaimer: South Florida Smash HLS had no involvement in the above actions.

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